Contractors vow to speed up work

6/11/09 (Thu)

“These businesses are really hurting,” said Velva City Commissioner Scott Blotter at Tuesday morning’s weekly meeting with construction contractors. “They need to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I can’t stress enough how important the Fourth of July is to their business.”
The highway improvement project on Velva’s Main Street is till running several weeks behind schedule, delayed in part by the late delivery of custom-made manholes.
The project is now in the hands of Pinky’s Aggregates, the subcontractor responsible for the underground sewer and water work. Owner Dale Honsey was on hand Tuesday morning to reassure city officials and the public that his crew would be pushing harder in the coming weeks.
“We had some personnel issues, which are solved now, and we had to wait for the manholes,” Honsey said. “I’ll be taking over the project now and we’ll have two crews working to keep things moving.”
Last weekend’s rain pushed work back further, but Honsey said they would be working Saturdays, and also Sundays, if need be.