Underground work picking up

10/01/09 (Thu)

With a new company on site to handle the remaining underground work, Keller Paving says Velva’s Main Street project is already moving faster.
Gibb and Sons, Fargo, is now the only subcontractor working on the project’s water and sewer lines, according to Dustin Keller of Keller Paving.
“They finished one block in a week,” he said. “Gibb is going a lot faster.”
While the underground work is speeding up, a stumbling block arose concerning the concrete and paving work. Knife River, the subcontractor responsible for the curb, gutter and sidewalk, will not be back in Velva until Oct. 7. In response to the possible delay, Justin Thurn of Keller Paving presented a proposal at last Tuesday morning’s meeting.
Thurn said the storm sewer and water services would be complete on the west side of block two by late Tuesday, Sept. 29. Keller would like to go ahead with the phase change to continue working, even without the paving complete on the first two blocks of Main Street. The contractor proposed opening Central again, and allowing traffic on the gravel between Central to Second as work continued north.