City meets with health department

10/08/09 (Thu)

City officials had an early start on Tuesday morning conducting several meetings before work, all pertaining to the Main Street project.
The city commissioners and the city engineer met with Gary Berreth of the N.D. Department of Health, and Cory Schmaltz, manager of Farmers Union Oil in Velva.
In contention was the contaminated soil removal that took place on June 26 during the street project and the ensuing costs.
Benzene was detected in the soil removed on the east side of Main Street near Farmers Union and Northern Tier Federal Credit Union. (Benzene is a lighter component of gasoline.) The health department requires that contaminated soil be removed and replaced with clean fill. While the contaminated soil is not considered a hazardous waste, it does have to be handled according to health department guidelines.
When the problem soil was encountered, Schmaltz allowed the street contractors to move the soil to Farmers Union’s lot at the corner of Highways 41 and 52, as the local co-op was going to remove contaminated soil removed from that site.