Weather pressures spur street project

10/22/09 (Thu)

With early snow flurries already throwing a wrench in the works, contractors for the Velva Main Street project are putting the hammer down, trying to beat winter’s seasonal arrival.
While there will still be work remaining for next spring, the big push now is to get the street paved and winter ready. Snow removal is a big issue, and with only two lifts of asphalt going down this fall, the new curb and gutters will have to be ramped to prevent snowplow damage. Contractors will not be putting down the third lift until after sewer repairs in the spring.
Those repairs were in contention at Tuesday morning’s contractor meeting as Justin Thurn of Keller Paving noted the specs do not require “cameraing” the lines, as requested by Velva City Engineer Alan Estvold. In addition, Thurn said the DOT (Department of Transportation) has not supplied any specifications beyond “line and grade.”