Trails construction delayed

10/08/08 (Wed)

Just a few short months ago, it appeared like a trail system was in place for use by Velva residents. In fact, plans were to have Phase 1 of a four-phase construction project completed this summer.
But, even the best of plans sometimes take longer than first envisioned.
According to Maria Effertz-Hanson, representative of the McHenry County Jobs Development Authority (JDA), initial work on the project has been postponed until next summer.
She noted that much of the funding for Phase 1 has been in place since 2006 when the DOT approved a Transportation Enhancement Grant for the Velva Fitness and Recreation Trail. She said the grant would provide $65,000 or up to 80 percent of the initial phase cost. She said various community fundraisers would be used to pay the balance.
Even though plans are for the project to move forward, there will be at least one change to the route. Effertz-Hanson said the route would not go along the dike as previously planned.