Roads will be paved before winter

10/29/09 (Thu)

Responding to local concerns, both the contractors and DOT representatives insist there will be pavement on Velva’s Main Street by this winter.
While temperature is an issue with laying asphalt, Justin Thurn of Keller Paving said they are “looking good” to finish paving next week.
“We know we have to get it paved,” Thurn said. “Even if we have to replace it next year because it breaks up.”
Bob Allen of the N.D. DOT (Department of Transportation) concurred, saying, “There will be pavement on the street for winter.”
Mayor Cindy Shattuck was also on hand at Tuesday morning’s meeting, and voiced concern about the gravel trucks traveling on the city’s side streets.
“I’ve had several citizens call about your trucks on some of our side streets,” she said. “You’re using unauthorized streets and it’s causing damages.”
City Engineer Alan Estvold noted those streets are “awfully thin and can’t take it.”
“We will access damages and that will be coming back at you,” he said to Thurn.