Cold weather, hot pavement

11/05/09 (Thu)

As cold weather threatens, this week’s warm temperatures are giving contractors the opportunity to finish up this year’s work on Main Street.
At Tuesday morning’s meeting, Dustin Keller of Keller Paving said they will finish the concrete work by midweek, and then move on to paving the remainder of the street.
“We plan to pave the bottom and second lifts on Thursday and Friday,” he said. “Zimmerman will be in town to seal the concrete by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.”
Justin Thurn of Keller Paving added that Zimmerman will stay in town until all the sealing is done, working through the weekend, if necessary.
Keller said the traffic signals will be removed and the street restored to normal traffic flow by Friday evening. The only thing that could interrupt traffic would be laying down the center stripe, but the crew would use flaggers and the process would be brief.
City Engineer Alan Estvold requested the contractors make sure water or snow drainage would flow away from the sidewalks and not pool up in anyone’s yards. He also noted that manhole 10 is 7/10ths of an inch too high, and as a result, the line has plugged up after just two months of use.
“That manhole has to be reset, because if it’s not, that sewer line will have to be jetted out every month through the winter,” Estvold said. “We can’t let it get that way, everything back to the west will back up.”
Since there wasn’t a representative from Gibbs on hand at the meeting, it would have to be determined later if they would be able to get in and follow the line back from the manhole to make repairs yet this fall.
As to the finishing up the paving before winter arrives, Keller said his company would rather put down the third lift this week, rather than ramping the curb and gutter on both sides of the street.