Contractors moving out

11/19/09 (Thu)

By the time you read this issue of the Voice, the remainder of the permanent signage should be up and Keller Paving should have finished up their prewinter work and left town.
At Tuesday morning’s contractor meeting – the last one of the year – Justin Thurn said Keller’s punch list is short, and they should have things finished up and cleaned up by Wednesday, allowing them to pack up and move out.
However, following last week’s pressure testing of the Main Street water line, there is still work to be done before winter sets in.
The pressure testing was scheduled to run from 3 to 5 p.m. last Thursday, requiring a shut down of the water to Main Street businesses.
The testing, carried out by Gibbs, the underground contractor, detected a pressure loss somewhere in the line. Determined to find the leak, the contractor kept the water shut down and continued trying to isolate the problem.
After testing the three south blocks of Main, the problem still could not be pinpointed, so testing will continue this week.
“It could be any number of things,” said City Engineer Alan Estvold. “A bad splice or dirt in the threads, like what happened at the drug store. But it has to be found before winter, we can’t have water leaking under the street and then heaving up the pavement.”