Everyday people helping out

10/15/08 (Wed)

We hear about it all the time: disasters that decimate communities, both large and small. From tornados to hurricanes and blizzards to fires, catastrophic events can tear a town apart.
But in conjunction with those heart-breaking news reports come moments of comfort as neighbors help neighbors and volunteers rush to the aid of those in need.
In rural areas, emergency medical and rescue services are largely provided by volunteer crews. But as Lexi Leingang of the Velva Ambulance Service notes, what happens if they can’t get to you?
“It could happen that a tornado takes out the firehall, delaying our response,” she said. “Plus, there are only so many of us, and there could be hundreds of people needing help.”
In recognition of the importance of neighbors being able to help each other in case of an emergency, the Velva Ambulance Service is hosting a free CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) course next month. 
Scheduled to run Monday, Nov. 17, and Wednesday, Nov. 19, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, the class is being offered through the N.D. League of Cities and FEMA. The local ambulance service will provide lunch to those attending, and the course is being taught by the Minot Fire Department.