Sevareid fans, friends and family in Velva

10/07/10 (Thu)

Velva librarian Iris Swedlund squealed with delight as a charter bus pulled up outside the Velva School and Public Library last Sunday morning.
“They’re here, they’re here,” she giggled. “Let’s go outside.”
The people climbing off the bus were participants in a symposium called “Not So Wild a Dream: The Legacy of Eric Sevareid,” and their visit to Sevareid’s hometown of Velva was the conclusion of the four-day event.
The symposium, held Sept. 30 through Oct. 3 in Bismarck and then Velva, focused on Sevareid’s journalistic and philosophical contributions as a writer, war reporter  and news commentator. The event featured Dan Rather, long-time anchor of the CBS Evening New and currently of Dan Rather Reports; Bob Schieffer, chief Washington correpsondent for CBS News and anchor of Face the Nation; Emmy winning commentator Nick Clooney; Bob Edwards of the Bob Edwards Show; and Suzanne St. Pierre, Sevareid’s widow and a producer of 60 Minutes. Also on hand was one of Sevareid’s twin sons, Michael.
While many of the featured speakers had to return to their respective homes on Sunday, Michael did board the bus in Bismarck and make his first trip to his father’s hometown. He was joined by Clay Jenkinson, Director of the Dakota Institute, as well as a number of other symposium participants.