Velva City Commission meets

11/11/10 (Thu)

The Velva City Commission tackled a couple of issues at its meeting Monday night, ranging from fire department needs to junk automobiles.
Velva Fire Chief Mike Heisler was on hand to request financial assistance from the commission. The department has been awarded a grant for new turn-out gear, but must come up with matching funds of $8,500 to claim it. After some discussion, the commission approved $3,000 towards the effort.
Maria Effertz Hanson, Heather Tudor and Deanna Frantsen were at the meeting to push for approval of the preliminary funding for the Safe Route to School grant. The city has already been awarded the money, but the grant does not cover the prelimnary $8,500. Hanson told the commission the Velva Community Development Corporation had committed $4,250 to cover half the up-front costs. The commission voted to provide the remainder of the funds, ensuring the safety project will move forward.
Jeramiah Wolf attended the meeting to voice his frustration with the city’s requirements for his property just south of the underpass.
The city had previously sent a letter outlining concerns about unlicensed vehicles and discarded items on the property.
“What’s all this nit-picky stuff,” Wolf asked. “I’m taking care of what was in the letter. It’s my personal property where I do what I want to do.”
Mayor Ken Fox replied “You were asked to clean it up.
“You live in a community and your property effects other people’s property,” he said. “I just want to know is it a salvage yard or a junk yard or what.”
Wolf said it’s neither. While it’s zoned commercial, he is not currently doing business at the location, although he uses the property for personal uses.
Commissioner Tom Bodine said he stopped by the location and Wolf had done a lot of work.
“I think he wants to know what he is not complying with so he can fix it,” Bodine said. “We’re going down a slippery slope. It’s a judgement call. In my opinion, there are several other properties in town that are worse.”
After some discussion, Commissioner JD Larson agreed to take the city ordinances along and visit with Wolf at his property so they would be “on the same page.”