Construction behind schedule, but progressing

9/29/11 (Thu)

Delays due to the flood and persistent rains have set back construction on the Velva School addition, but Superintendent Jeff Manley still feels the contractors are making good progress.
“Originally, they were going to have as much enclosed as possible by November 1,” he said. “We’ve had to push that back to December 1.”
Another problem the contractors encountered was unexpectedly soft construction ground, which necessitated the use of geopiers. (Geopiers use hydraulic concrete breaker hammers to apply vertical force to a tamper that compacts the stone. Other types of aggregate piers are created by using a high energy vibrator to compact the stone, rather than the concrete breaker.)
In addition, Manley noted the scheduling involves three main contractors – Capital City, Manning Mechanical and Main Electric – and several subcontractors.