A penny saved

2/05/09 (Thu)

The recent quest of the Velva Food Pantry to obtain an upright freezer did not go unnoticed, and as a result, the new appliance is on its way. A group of Velva high school students turned the food pantry’s need into a project, and raised enough money to make the purchase.
With pennies.
Velva FCCLA project coordinators Sydney Sollid, Patrick Finnicum and Anna Knutson spearheaded the fundraiser as part of their “Freezin’ for a Reason” STAR event, and were awed by their fellow students enthusiastic response.
“We didn’t think too many students would get into it,” said Knutson. “But they really had fun with the whole thing.”
The project began when the group declared a “penny war” from Jan. 13 through Jan. 21. The peaceful warriors were all the junior high and high school students, along with school staff.