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Whipping winds

As the newspaper was going to press on Tuesday afternoon, gale force winds were whipping through the area. Gusts up to 60 miles per hour sent garbage cans rolling down the streets, tore shingles off roofs and destroyed trees, such as this one in the Velva City Park.

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No mayoral candidates

The deadline to file for Velva’s upcoming city election has come and gone, leaving an empty ballot slot for the position of city mayor.

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A citywide sigh of relief

City leaders, business people and residents have been dreading spring this year for one simple reason: it would herald the return of construction equipment and torn-up streets. But at Monday’s prejob meeting, Keller Paving representatives announced the attempts to correct many of the sewer problems using new technology have been successful, meaning Main Street disruption this spring will be minimal. Justin Thurn of Keller projected the entire project should be completed by May 15.

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May not have to dig up Main Street ... again

The Velva City Commission held the city equalization and regular monthly meetings last week. A hot topic was the repair of last summer’s inadequately installed sanitary sewer lines. Keller Paving, the lead contractor on the Main Street project, has brought in a technology from Minnesota to hopefully remedy the situation, providing an alternative to tearing up the new pavement and digging up the lines.

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DFS Gala a big success

A record number 98 guests attended the DFS Spring Gala at the Star City Golf Course last Saturday night, filling all 12 themed tables. Organizers don’t yet have the final figures on money raised at the event, but said the response was overwhelming.

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Vandals strike Velva and Drake

The Velva Sports Complex in the city park and the Drake cemetery were both vandalized over the Easter holiday. Spray paint and destruction was the order of the day as unknown perpetrators wrecked havoc in the two communities.

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Career fair a big success

Spearheaded by McHenry County JDA Director Maria Effertz Hanson and featuring participation from 12 local businesses, Hanson said the recent Job and Career Fair at Velva High School was a big success.

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Get ready to rock!

What’s the hottest thing about July? While many people might say the temperature, others seem to think the hottest thing just might be Thunder Mountain Rockfest 2010.

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Can feeding time affect when calves are born?

The time of day that cows are fed during the calving season can influence the time when calves are born.

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Providing service to the community

Nearly two years ago, a fire destroyed a vacant building in Drake.

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