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Future of land use heard by city zoning

Comprehensive land use plan could iron out details in Beulah’s future growth

Posted 12/11/13 (Wed) read more »

Water ordinance moves forward

A new ordinance that deals with water and wastewater in the city inched forward Monday night (Dec. 2) after brief discussion by the Beulah City Council.

Posted 12/04/13 (Wed) read more »

Borner pleads not guilty

Court revisits Beulah shooting

Posted 12/04/13 (Wed) read more »

Plans heard for changes at Dakota Westmoreland

Last week Mercer County zoning commissioners heard plans from one of the oldest operating mines in the area, and the newest.

Posted 11/26/13 (Tue) read more »

County approves met tower

Commission votes to suspend tent rentals

Posted 11/26/13 (Tue) read more »

Crossfit finds approval on variance request

Aprogram that focuses on core strength and fitness has received the go-ahead from Beulah’s City Council to temporarily occupy a building until its own structure is built.

Posted 11/20/13 (Wed) read more »

Copper tubing stolen over weekend

Sometime in the early hours of this past weekend, thieves broke the copper tubing off of two propane tanks behind Bronson’s Marketplace and vanished into the night.

Posted 11/20/13 (Wed) read more »

Variance recommended for Roughrider Crossfit

A business focused on physical fitness and well-being passed the first step toward moving to a new location within Beulah last week.

Posted 11/13/13 (Wed) read more »

Commission hears plans from Coyote Creek

Posted 11/13/13 (Wed) read more »

Get out your winter safety kit

Cold weather is creeping back into the state, and a recent presidential emergency declaration for southwest North Dakota is a stark reminder that winter is coming. Mercer County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed is aiming to remind residents of the importance of being prepared for severe winter weather, and just how to go about it. According to Reed, now was the time to get those winter safety kits checked and placed into vehicles.

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