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Zoning approved for mining permits and non-farm residences

After having to reschedule the regular December meeting due to lack of participation, the Mercer County Planning and Zoning commission found a quorum again last week.

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2012 – The Year in Review

2012 saw a host of major events sweep across the world and our nation. National elections, foreign interventions and more were of large significance, but important and interesting stories were also breaking here in Mercer County. Below is a summary of a handful of local stories that caught your eye and shaped your life in 2012.

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New ambulance bay to break ground in spring

Ambulance crews will be relocating their Beulah headquarters sometime next year, but they’re not going to be moving too far from their current location.

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Wenning gets into detail at Knife River Saddlery

Jim Wenning had been visualizing his perfect saddle for nearly 20 years. After successfully completing a saddlery school about a year ago in Custer, S.D., he turned a dream into a hobby.

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More than 50 laid off at mine

An unexpected outage at Coyote Station south of Beulah has led to layoffs for more than 50 employees at Dakota Westmoreland’s Beulah mine.

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Introducing: District 33 Sen. Jessica Unruh

District 33 Republicans recently spoke and the message was clear: they wanted a young local woman with energy industry ties to represent them in the state Senate.

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Updating Beulah’s ‘streetscape’

Revitalizing the look and feel of Beulah’s downtown has been on the radar of local leaders for quite some time, although little action has taken place. That may have changed recently with a sit down between Beulah’s Jobs Development Authority and representatives from Circle H Engineering.

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‘Bad spot’ for sewage line

A short agenda made for a relatively quick meeting when the Beulah City Council met for its second-to-last meeting of 2012. During the meeting the council heard input from the owner of a Main Street business before moving into standard council reports.

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Project puts teamwork, students’ wits to the test

A new project tested Beulah Middle Schoolers this week and put them in a position to both think on their feet and work as groups. The project is called “You’re Hired!” and is a STEM

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Commission talks FEMA grant, various zoning cases

The county paid back an unused Federal Emergency Management Agency grant last week before hearing about a number of zoning cases – some old and some new. The meeting also marked the last commission meeting where appointees Jesse Krieger and Gerald Bauman would sit in. Duane Scheuer and Bill Tveit wil join the commission for its first meeting in December.

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