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Narcotics Anonymous meetings begin Friday

[Editor’s note: The facilitator of the upcoming meetings is referred to as “C” in the following article instead of her full name, in keeping with the spirit of anonymity that meetings such as NA provide.] After struggling with drug addiction, a young local woman, C found the road to recovery. Treatment at Heartview helped her get clean, followed by five meetings a week she was attending in Bismarck.

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Not in this landfill

The Mercer County Landfill doesn’t want any oilfield waste coming to its doors.

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Bringing a little more German to Beulah

Students walking through the Beulah High School likely notice when they hear a foreign language spoken in their midst. Ears perk up, trying to pinpoint the origin of the speaker.

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Council moves forward on dilapidated building project

Beulah’s City Council started off its last meeting with talks on a temporary use permit before heading further into details on the dilapidated building project and the possibility of moving the recreation center.

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Coyote resumes plant operation

Late last week Beulah residents were treated to a sight that had been unfortunately absent on the southern horizon since December: smokestacks kicking plumes into the skies south of town.

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Beulah School Board begins superintendent search process

School board directors have begun discussing the process for finding a new superintendent on the news that Rob Lech will be taking on a new role in Jamestown.

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Basin presents pipeline plan

Basin Electric employees presented initial information last week about a proposed gas pipeline to Dakota Gasification Company Synfuels Plant.

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Housekeeping at City Council

It was business as usual when Beulah’s elected leaders met this past week. Although the city council agenda wasn’t terribly lengthy, a number of topics were addressed during the hour-long Monday meeting.

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Life at the Capitol

Who likes getting bills? Unless they’re bills featuring Ben Franklin, Ulysses S. Grant or even Top Hat Lincoln, probably nobody.

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Programs remain school district responsibility

Should certain programs fall under the rensponsibility of the Beulah School Board or the fledgling Educational Foundation? That was the background question which prompted lengthy discussion when the Beulah Public Schools Board of Directors met last week.

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