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Council edges closer to scoria ordinance

A new policy governing the allowable use of scoria found itself as the center of attention last week after being on the city’s back burner for months.

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Thunderstorm floods Lake Shore Estates

Lake Shore Estates residents were struck hard last week after a Sunday night storm brought flooding to their housing development.

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Black Plant comes to a close

Hustle and bustle north of Beulah has largely slowed down now that the majority of work at Dakota Gasification Company’s Synfuels Plant has been finished.

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Thunderstorm takes out power, trees

A severe thunderstorm blew high winds and heavy rains through Mercer County and elsewhere Monday night, causing major cleanup efforts to begin early the next day throughout the area.

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Critics respond to coal policy shift

North Dakota leaders and the coal industry are ready to go to war against the president’s plan to reduce carbon emissions from coal plants.

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Labor shortage hits home

Though the energy sector has been doing well across both oil and coal industries, retail and hospitality industries have faced their share of challenges through the past year.

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County: Between a rock and a tombstone

Vehicles that drive on 22nd Street Southwest 15-miles south of Golden Valley will encounter signs with a grave warning.

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Council hears bond proposal for housing authority 4-plex

Lack of affordable rental properties in Beulah prompted discussion this week around bonding for the Beulah Housing Authority.

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Schools fail to meet federal standards

None of the schools in the Beulah School District met federal Adequate Yearly Progress requirements this year.

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Southwest Water comes to Halliday area

Informational meetings took place early this week in Dunn County to begin the sign-up for residents in western Mercer and eastern Dunn counties. Southwest Water Authority officials held two meetings in Halliday and one in Dunn Center to gauge interest and spur sign-up for residents who live from Golden Valley to the west.

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