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County revises Reverse 911, approves zoning cases

A relatively short meeting earlier this week brought a few updates to Mercer County when the county commission met for its regular monthly meeting.

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County testy on weeds; SMC makes pitch

Sakakawea Medical Center is in the midst of raising money to help fund the expansion of the center in Hazen.

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Hilz display details Beulah’s history

A small display in the front of J & M Hardware is currently giving passerby a look into Beulah’s past thanks to the patience of the display’s creator.

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City moves forward on major business

IRS penalty appealed, MTI building approved for new tenants

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Council hears public concerns over flooding

The Beulah City Council heard from its largest crowd in quite some time.

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County inches forward on Sakakawea Estates road

The road to Sakakawea Estates found its way back into the Mercer County Courthouse last week.

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Coyote Creek receives county approval

The newest mine south of Beulah is one step closer to becoming fully operational now that it’s received further approval from the Mercer County Commission.

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Don’t miss the Parade of the Century

Beulah’s 100th birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete this week without a big, huge parade!

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Council denies variance, updates condemnation ordinance

After four public discussions and a conflicted council, Beulah’s mayor broke the tie this week that denied a variance request to a home builder.

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Excavation begins for New York Life building

The east end of Beulah’s Main Street will seem a bit less empty about six months from now thanks to the plans of a longtime business owner.

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