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Landfill supervisor talks tipping fee increase

A motion was made and unanimously approved to increase tipping fees by $2 at the Mercer County Landfill starting January 1 of 2017, also increasing the tipping fee for Freon removal from $12 to $17.

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Clarification regarding the sample ballots

In hopes of clarifying any potential confusion from the layout of the sample ballots in last week’s Hazen Star and Beulah Beacon, we provide the following information.

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Tax Equalization topic draws large crowd

The Mercer County Commission held this year’s tax equalization meeting, with public concerns presented regarding the ratio of services received to high taxes at the top of the list.

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Commission talks budget cutbacks

Mercer County Commission Chairman Bill Tveit suggested there be some budget cutbacks for the 2017 year.

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New subdivision rejected by zoning board

One of the primary points of emphasis around the county is how to attract growth in the number of people and businesses Mercer County communities can offer.

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Commission talks more road repairs

Mercer County Commission

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Athletic Department looks to fix debt

The athletic director updated the Beulah School Board with the athletic department’s current $60,000 deficit.

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Commission hires Dakota Staffing

Two custodial maintenance workers have quit at the Mercer County Courthouse.

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County receives grant for sexual assault exam room

Mercer and McLean counties now have a centralized sexual assault examination room, diminishing the long drive to the nearest city or a long wait in a busy hospital.

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Wellness Center approaches Commission

Beulah’s Wellness Center Foundation presented to the Mercer County Commission in hopes of a donation towards their new facility.

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