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EPA head visits DGC

Last week the local plants’ turbines weren’t the only things fired up when the Environmental Protection Agency made a visit to the area. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and staffers visited with North Dakota’s top elected officials at Dakota Gasification Company’s Synfuels plant during a round-table talk that included major players in the energy industry. The purpose of the talks was clear—to open a dialogue about how the agency’s policies could affect the energy industry, specifically for coal-fired power plants.

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Commission denies tax-exemption request

The Mercer County Commission decided last week to not grant a tax exemption to Marquis LLC, the company working with a process to help coal burn cleaner at Antelope Valley Station. Sam Larson, representing Marquis LLC, and Donald Boehm of Basin Electric Power Cooperative were on hand to discuss the topic with the commissioners. Larson began the conversation by stating Marquis had waived any prior tax exemption of the coal beneficiation from the start of their operation at Antelope Valley Station to the present. Taxes for that period would still be paid, amounting to approximately $67,000. The company was still looking for the 15 percent tax exemption moving forward. State law currently allows for an 85/15 percent tax exemption for the first five years of coal beneficiation process by a company. The 85 percent is granted automatically by the state, but the 15 percent has to be approved by the county.

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Still time to file petitions

City, county, park board and school board elections will all be coming up this June. Multiple positions will be up for election this year at all levels. Petitions are available at your local auditor’s office and are due April 7. In the county departments, Auditor Shana Brost, Recorder Brenda Cook, Sheriff Dean Danzeisen, State’s Attorney Jessica Binder and Treasurer Darbie Berger are all up for election to four-year terms. Commissioners Frank Bitterman, Gary Murray and Wayne Entze are all of for election, also for four-year terms. At the Stanton City Council, the seats held by Tom Sayler and Jason Hill are up for re-election.

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Raptors swoop into Beulah Elementary

Beulah Elementary students got a first-hand look at some pretty big birds last week during special presentations held on Friday. The program included a book on owls, bringing out a Screech Owl, an American Kestrel and a Red-Tailed Hawk and offering detailed information to the students on how the animals would live in the wild. John Halverson, co-founder of the Black Hills Raptor Center, led the presentation. Halverson’s been working with raptors for about five years, starting right before founding the center in 2010. His mission? To educate youth throughout the region on the subject.

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Council discusses water ordinances

Water infrastructure was the main topic of discussion this week when the Beulah City Council met for its regular meeting. At its previous meeting the council had tabled further discussion on Ordinance 408 pending input from Water Plant Foreman Gary Neuberger on whether or not to regulate seals on water meters. Neuberger was not available at the time of the council meeting. City Attorney Scott Solem brought forward two versions of the updated ordinance, one reflecting the updated language and one without. Councilor Brant Keller noted that he was in agreement with Neuberger’s perspective that, in going forward, the installation of water meters should include seals.

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District 33 GOP picks nominees

The District 33 Republicans group announced its candidates for the upcoming legislative elections early this week.

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School board moves forward on bus deal

The Beulah Board of Education held a special meeting early this month to discuss how to move forward with a new bus before ultimately deciding which option to go with.

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Help out on Giving Hearts Day

Next Thursday will be a statewide effort to raise money for various charitable causes and non-profit organizations. On a local level, Sakakawea Medical Center will be participating in the daylong fundraising drive.

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Beulah council amends budget

City Auditor Heather Ferebee brought forward the proposed 2013 Budget Amendments, 2013 Amendments and Transfers and 2014 Transfer during her report.

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Winfrey, Tipton honored as Extra Milers

Two Beulah residents were honored last week during the annual city employee appreciation dinner and social.

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