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Anglers, Sheriff’s Department rescue two at Beaver Bay

Beaver Bay proved to be a dangerous location late Friday night when two local men went through the ice and were helped by anglers and emergency responders.

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‘Across the board means everybody’

County instructs heads to give 10 percent raise to employees

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Weaver, Martens lay out plans

Council hears update from Dakota Westmoreland and the Parks District

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Chamber of Commerce holds annual banquet

Ziman named member of the year

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K9 teams check beulah schools

Last week parents of students in the Beulah Public Schools may have been initially alarmed on hearing of a lockdown at schools, although were later reassured of it being standard practice.

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Council begins 2014 with housekeeping

New agenda items found there way into Beulah Council chambers this week.

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Commission mulls tax exemption

County commissioners learned a new taxation term last week when they were approached by representatives seeking a tax exemption for coal beneficiation processes going on in the county.

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Seibel to run for District 33 rep

GOP endorsement set for Feb. 10

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2013 In Review

Plenty of ups and downs wound their way through Mercer County in 2013.

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Heller to step down in ‘14

Democrats: ‘This could change things’

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