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2013 In Review

Plenty of ups and downs wound their way through Mercer County in 2013.

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Heller to step down in ‘14

Democrats: ‘This could change things’

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Two conditional use permits granted

Two areas south of Beulah found themselves with new conditional use permits after a meeting with the Mercer County Planning and Zoning Commission last week.

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Beulah PD: Be aware of street parking ordinance, speed limit

Winter weather has long set in and Beulah Police are reminding residents to be safe and aware of two city rules - one old and one new.

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Beulah ranked in Top 10 for young families

New online report puts Beulah as one of best cities in the state for young families

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County dispatch center upgrades complete

After months of work recently concluded commissioners got an update - and a first hand look - at updates to the Mercer County Jail and Dispatch Center last week.

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Future of land use heard by city zoning

Comprehensive land use plan could iron out details in Beulah’s future growth

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Water ordinance moves forward

A new ordinance that deals with water and wastewater in the city inched forward Monday night (Dec. 2) after brief discussion by the Beulah City Council.

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Borner pleads not guilty

Court revisits Beulah shooting

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Plans heard for changes at Dakota Westmoreland

Last week Mercer County zoning commissioners heard plans from one of the oldest operating mines in the area, and the newest.

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