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Project puts teamwork, students’ wits to the test

A new project tested Beulah Middle Schoolers this week and put them in a position to both think on their feet and work as groups. The project is called “You’re Hired!” and is a STEM

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Commission talks FEMA grant, various zoning cases

The county paid back an unused Federal Emergency Management Agency grant last week before hearing about a number of zoning cases – some old and some new. The meeting also marked the last commission meeting where appointees Jesse Krieger and Gerald Bauman would sit in. Duane Scheuer and Bill Tveit wil join the commission for its first meeting in December.

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Annabelle Homes update high on council concerns

Since the council last heard from Annabelle Homes in August, rumors have developed surrounding whether or not the developer would move forward with its projects in Mercer County.

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Beulah bars adjust to statewide smoking ban

Owners of private businesses and their smoking clientele will have to make some adjustments now that a statewide smoking ban passed during the general election.

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A tribute to our cowboys

“I’m sure God has a ranch in heaven, a place for cowboys to call home … I picture you both up on a ledge gazing at the draws below.”

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2 killed, 1 injured in devastating crash

Mercer County felt the loss of a well-respected rancher and his young son last week.

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Ambulance board candidate, MC Museum tops public input

Public input on two main topics were the highlights when the Beulah City Council got together for their first November meeting.

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Donations needed for food pantry

Although the agency spends all year making sure that people in the area are taken care of, the Women’s Action and Resource Center is ramping up its efforts to ensure people don’t go hungry during the holiday season.

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Residents need to be cautious in hiring to build or renovate

The current boom in the western portion of the state has created all kinds of demand, and housing is no different. The increase in demand for housing also saw an increase in the number of unfulfilled contracts and outright housing scams.

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Berg, Dalrymple visit District 33

District 33 may be in an off-year for elections, but that hasn’t stopped it from attracting big ticket names.

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