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Council hears bond proposal for housing authority 4-plex

Lack of affordable rental properties in Beulah prompted discussion this week around bonding for the Beulah Housing Authority.

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Schools fail to meet federal standards

None of the schools in the Beulah School District met federal Adequate Yearly Progress requirements this year.

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Southwest Water comes to Halliday area

Informational meetings took place early this week in Dunn County to begin the sign-up for residents in western Mercer and eastern Dunn counties. Southwest Water Authority officials held two meetings in Halliday and one in Dunn Center to gauge interest and spur sign-up for residents who live from Golden Valley to the west.

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Mercer County Board of Equalization denies Beulah

The County Board of Equalization met last week to hear from residents who felt their increase was too high, as well as to discuss whether or not to uphold the city of Beulah’s decision to limit their own increase.

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‘Black Plant’ work underway

Work began about a week ago at the gas plant for the Black Plant phase. During the five week process the plant will be completely shut down for about three weeks allowing DGC employees and contractors to perform repairs and complete inspections common to the plant, such as water treatment.

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Dakota Walleye Classic around the corner

Although it’s still two months out, the 18th annual Dakota Walleye Classic will be here in no time.

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Class of 2013 graduates

Friends and family members came out on the beautiful spring day Sunday to congratulate members of the graduating class of 2013.

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Should scoria be allowed within Beulah city limits?

That was the question that prompted discussion during public input at the recent City Council meeting.

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Proposed crossroads agronomy shot down

There will be no agronomy center near residents at the crossroads east of Hazen due to concerns about having anhydrous ammonia tanks next door.

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Equipment use policy brought into question

The first reading of a new policy caused a bit of a stir at the Mercer County Commission last week. The policy would seek to limit personal use of county equipment.

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