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Residents still concerned over residential rezoning

Rezoning of the old nursing home structure is still causing a stir, as two residents came out this week to speak out against it.

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State gets handle on oil spills

Emergency plans to react to an oil spill were in their infancy 15 months ago. Today they’ve grown – and continue to grow – into a plan to protect the region.

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Council denies diagonal parking

There will be no diagonal parking on Beulah’s Main Street now that the City Council has had its say. The council voted against the topic by 4-3 when the council met last week.

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Dodge residents pushing back hard against proposed landfill

Residents in eastern Dunn County are speaking out against a proposed landfill south of Dodge that would be the dumping site for oil cuttings and other hazardous waste.

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Senior citizens now have more ‘Options’

Senior citizens and people with disabilities in Mercer and McLean counties now have more “options” when it comes to their health and well-being.

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Dust issues, road buildup both on road department priority list

Countering dust problems and building up roads were two of the main topics that came up during last week’s Mercer County Commission meeting.

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Mercer County Fair has another success

Fair weather, big crowds and lots to do once again provided a successful time for the Mercer County Fair.

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Winners react to election results

With several contested local races and contentious statewide measures on the ballot, Mercer County voters turned out in large numbers to vote during the 2012 Primary election June 12.

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Renovations to former Dodge School now slowly underway

The old Dodge School may still look the same on the outside, but two people – along with the help of some friends – are putting in hard work to create a new use for the structure.

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Rural residents request asphalt

A group of residents southeast of Beulah approached the Mercer County Commission to request some crushed asphalt at the commission’s regular meeting June 6 at the Mercer County Courthouse in Stanton.

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