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National Weather Service: Don’t bet on another slow melt

According to the National Weather Service, nearly 75 inches of snow fell on Mercer County in the winter of 2009-2010. Coupled with already-saturated soil, that amount of snowfall was more than enough to cause significant spring flooding.

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County asked to help avert disaster

It’s going to take collaboration between several entities to save Lake Shore Estates from seemingly imminent spring flooding. Mercer County and its resources is one of those entities.

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Beulah School board talks development

Professional development and coach certification were among the topics of discussion as the school board held its first meeting of the 2011 semester.

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Keep fire hydrants snow-free

Heavy snowfall has brought a new worry for Beulah’s fire department.

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New state’s attorney settles into office

Jan. 1 was moving day for new Mercer County State’s Attorney Jessica (Wolf) Binder, who settled into new quarters on her first official day in office since winning the November General Election.

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Council defines preliminary boundaries for street fixes

Street improvements and the sports complex were the subject of lengthy discussion at Monday’s Beulah City Council meeting.

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Planning and Zoning Board discusses city’s junk vehicles

The Planning and Zoning Board had a special meeting Jan. 10 to discuss junk/abandoned vehicles and property within the city.

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Chamber of Commerce selects it’s 2010 Member of the Year

The Beulah Chamber of Commerce picked its 2010 Member of the Year in its annual meeting Monday night.

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Snow piling up in Mercer County

As the snow piles up this winter, so do stories and recollections of recent winters past when high snowfall totals meant a flood battle in the spring.

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Meeting to help handle ag emergencies

Agriculture is everywhere in North Dakota. It is one of the big three industries in the state. As the industry has grown, farmers are using larger equipment and more powerful chemicals in their operations. Experts have also become aware of more and more threats to crops and livestock from all around the world.

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