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Storms cause flash flood scare

The second heavy rainstorm within a week caused high water around Mercer County, closing U.S. Highway 200 last Thursday night and pushing Spring Creek close to flood stage. The flood also boosted Spring Creek by nearly 10 feet, forcing an evacuation of the RV Park in Zap.

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SNAP Cards now work at Farmers Markets

North Dakotans who receive supplemental nutrition assistance, what used to be called food stamps, can now use their benefits at certain farmers markets, including those in Hazen and Beulah.

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Tragedy leads to lifesaving message

A public service announcement starts with a phone ringing. A 911 operator answers and a woman describes a drunk driver racing down the road at reckless speed.

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School off to a smooth start

The first week of school went smoothly, superintendent Rob Lech said. “As a matter of fact, in the years of being a superintendent this has been a very smooth start to the year,” Lech said. “I think that is always positive. Students are starting school with an understanding of the expectation of them. There is some consistency in the staff and the administration. I think all of that has made a very smooth beginning of the year.”

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Old KRCC possibilities

Clifford Weigum expressed his plans for the old Knife River Care Center Building on Central Avenue to the Beulah Jobs Development Authority.

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Eastgate resigns from school board

Phil Eastgate has been the face of Beulah’s School Board for more than 20 years. During last week’s monthly meeting, Eastgate decided it was time to step down from the position with a year remaining in his term.

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‘Far beyond the call of duty’

The story of Tuesday, Aug. 17 ends in heartbreak. On that day, 30-year-old Pete Jensen of Hazen lost his life after the boat in which he was riding was overturned in choppy lake conditions.

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Could natural gas issue be back?

Piping natural gas into Beulah and Hazen could be back on the table again.

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Old KRCC building sold

With energy expenses alone costing more than $55,000 per year, the Knife River Care Center was motivated to find a buyer for its former facility on Central Avenue. This week it found one.

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School days are almost here again

The countdown is beginning for the youth of Beulah as the lazy, hazy days of summer wind to an end. The stores are filled with back-to-school shoppers as the soon to be students are decked out with a new wardrobe, pencils, notebooks and all the implements they will need to face the challenges of a new grade.

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