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Commission clarifies temporary use permit

Ongoing concerns with stockpiling of rock southeast of Stanton have led the Mercer County Commission to attempt clarification of what conditions must be met to allow this and similar activity in the area.

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MCED talks future child care facilities

Are there child care facilities in Mercer County’s future? By the reports given for Beulah and Hazen, those thoughts seem promising.

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City Council talks liquor licenses

With budget season approaching fast, the Beulah City Council has begun to talk expenditures.

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Ambulance talks dollars and cents

“Compared to three years ago this is the best budget we've ever had,” says Duane Scheurer to the rest of the Mercer County Ambulance board.

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Commission discusses maintenance bond for County 26

For the Mercer County Commission, improper mixture of oils could be a source of future concern for County 26.

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Water board’s map system to help projects

After several months of waiting since data was collected last fall, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) maps are now available for Mercer County.

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Great River Energy announces Stanton Station closure in 2017

With coal energy at the heart of economic and local government life in Mercer County, the ramifications of the coming retirement of Stanton Station will have large impacts throughout the area.

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Commission discusses section road closures

When section lines cross through properties, there are ways for property owners to request the vacating of segments of the line.

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City receives update on Water Park

Jolene Muscha, a member of the Beulah Water Park board, came to the city council meeting prepared with updates on the Beulah Water Park.

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Ambulance board considers options

Even as the Mercer County Ambulance Board tries to make progress on financial reports and management of the service, they are continually plagued with a variety of issues with different ambulances.

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