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County shoots down rural home tax break

People building homes in rural Mercer County will not be getting a tax break. The Mercer County Commission voted to reject a proposed ordinance that would give new homes built in rural Mercer County a five-year exemption on property taxes. Commissioners worried about the impact of the measure on local budgets and services, and that it would put the county in competition with area cities for tax breaks.

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Mercer County and state loses longtime dignitary

“Life is like a game of cards: You must play each hand you’re dealt.” “Who Dealt This Mess?” by Patrick “Pat” Galvin Pat Galvin was a man who played his cards right.

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South lagoon plans drift into limbo

Something has to be done with the lagoon south of Beulah. But questions have to be answered first. The questions are what, when and who’s going to pay for it.

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An invitation to “Go Fly A Kite”

Everyone did it as children. They put together scraps of paper or plastic bought for a few dollars, tied a string to it and ran like crazy trying to get it up in the air. For some, the love of making something that soars and glides in the wind never died.

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Petitions submitted for local and Mercer County elections

Friday was the deadline for petitions to be submitted for a place on the June 8 election ballot. Local mayors are running for re-election, with Darrell Bjerke, Beulah; Leonard Streifel, Dodge; Deen Brecht, Golden Valley; and Terry Barden, Zap, all running unopposed. A few city council positions failed to attract candidates, specifically Ward 1 of Beulah and one of two seats in Dodge. Park Board positions failed to draw enough candidates in Dodge and Halliday.

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Trip cancellation raises ruckus

Nearly 50 people crowded into the meeting room at Beulah High School after an eighth grade field trip to Medora was canceled.

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Water avoids Beulah, closes some roads

With the Knife River peaking a week ago and rapidly dropping, fears of major property damage to Beulah and Zap are also receding. But before it went, the 2010 flood season showed its potential power by closing a handful of roads in Mercer County.

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Snowstorm dejavu all over again

After stymieing Santa with the Christmas blizzard of 2009, Mother Nature was at it again Easter weekend by hindering the Easter Bunny’s way with wind, rain and sleet that eventually turned into an all-out blizzard in some areas of the state.

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Knife River continues to drop

The Knife River continues to drop despite heavy rains Friday.

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Knife River level falling, but overtopping roads

The Knife River crested below flood level Thursday, but still managed to close a couple of roads in Mercer County. The National Weather service predicts a second higher crest over the weekend.

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