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The skinny on a tight

With another budgeting season done and gone, the Mercer County Commission has finalized their 2010 budget.

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County Commission requests road study

Is it time for North Dakota to look at adding more state highways? That’s what the Mercer County Commission wants to know.

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What’s below can hurt you

The Dakota Gasification Plant in Beulah does its utmost to run as safe a plant as possible. But it can’t control what people do outside the plant gates.

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Flood controversy weighs heavily on City Council

Mayor Darrell Bjerke used his section of Monday night’s Beulah City Council meeting agenda to express his displeasure with the activities of the group of south side residents who are agitating for an increased response to flooding problems in that part of Beulah.

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Meth lab busted in Beulah

Five people were charged with drug-related offenses after a final break led to the discovery of methamphetamine and materials used to manufacture the drug in a Beulah residence’s garage.

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Beulah Schools prepared for 2010 flu season fight

Flu season isn’t just around the corner, it is already here and the Beulah School District is ready for it.

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Custer Health temporarily out of seasonal flu vaccine

Is the public concerned with the flu this winter? If the recent public health immunization clinic held last week in Beulah is any indication, then yes is the answer.

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Salary adjustments, budget votes pass

Wages and water dominated Monday’s Beulah City Council meeting.

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Meeting answers questions, leaves others

Representatives of south side residents met with members of the Beulah City Council and the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services to discuss what steps were being taken to reduce future flood damage and assist individual homeowners in case of a future flood.

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Big delivery brings final piece of DGC upgrade

It was a very special delivery, one that took up both the eastbound lane and turning lane on Highway 200 north of Beulah as it waited for preparations to be made for its arrival.

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