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Scoping out some flood solutions

Another step in getting some permanent flood relief for Beulah and other communities in Mercer County happened at Beulah City Hall last week.

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Pro-Central at public hearing

Polite applause followed nearly every person who stood up to speak at the public time zone hearing held Friday in Hazen. That applause, however, was just a little more spirited for those who spoke in favor of changing Mercer County from Mountain time to Central time.

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A solution for Beulah flooding?

A new solution to Beulah’s flooding problem may be on the horizon. Mercer County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed will be meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers this week and other officials to explore the feasibility of building a permanent floodwall to protect the south side of Beulah from floods on the Knife River

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Time zone hearing quickly approaches

As a public hearing approaches, nearly 250 people, businesses and local governments have left comments for the Department of Transportation regarding the proposal to switch Mercer County from Mountain to Central time.

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Kites fly despite weather

Last weekend saw plenty of wind, but also cold and wet conditions, including a touch of snow. But that wasn't enough to discourage some veteran kite flyers from putting their kites in the air.

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City clean up commences Monday, Volunteers needed

The annual Chamber of Commerce Cleanup Night will be Monday, May 10. The clean up is a three-part operation. Volunteers will gather Monday night to pick up trash from roadside ditches, parks and other open areas. Other volunteers and city workers will take trucks and trailers to pick up large curbside items that people want to dispose of. Finally, the city Transfer Station will be open extended hours to accept any other items people want to dispose of properly.

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City receives lagoon repair only funding

The city of Beulah will receive $300,000 in federal money toward the repair of the south side sewage lagoon. Mayor Darrell Bjerke announced that he was notified by Lee Kaldor, deputy state director for Sen. Byron Dorgan, that the lagoon repair project was approved for funding under the Water Resources Development Act, which authorizes the Army Corps of Engineers to provide assistance on nonfederal environmental infrastructure projects. The project will require a 25 percent nonfederal match, which means the city may have to come up with as much as $100,000 if there isn’t any matching funding from the state of North Dakota.

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County shoots down rural home tax break

People building homes in rural Mercer County will not be getting a tax break. The Mercer County Commission voted to reject a proposed ordinance that would give new homes built in rural Mercer County a five-year exemption on property taxes. Commissioners worried about the impact of the measure on local budgets and services, and that it would put the county in competition with area cities for tax breaks.

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Mercer County and state loses longtime dignitary

“Life is like a game of cards: You must play each hand you’re dealt.” “Who Dealt This Mess?” by Patrick “Pat” Galvin Pat Galvin was a man who played his cards right.

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South lagoon plans drift into limbo

Something has to be done with the lagoon south of Beulah. But questions have to be answered first. The questions are what, when and who’s going to pay for it.

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