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County, city make plans for flood fight

Carmen Reed has only been the emergency manager for Mercer County for about eight weeks, and she is already taking on a major flood flight.

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March weather will determine potential Knife River flood levels

According to the National Weather Service, the question isn’t whether or not the Knife River will flood this spring, it is will the river get high enough to cause significant damage.

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Beulah readies for 2010 flood

Sandbags are the first order of business, Beulah Mayor Darrell Bjerke said.

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Garbage concerns divide Beulah City Council

A discussion of whether or not new garbage containers would make collection more efficient overshadowed concerns about the future of Beulah’s sewage lagoon at Monday’s Beulah City Council meeting.

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From waste to cinder block

One day, fly ash from power plants that now has to be dumped in landfills may instead be used to build roads and buildings.

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Citizens urged to ‘prepare like last year’ for flooding

Hazen third-grader Delmar Schramm’s class picnic was snowed out in the spring of 1947.

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Read’em and weep

It was a classic matchup. The out-of-towner held the upper hand and went all in with a pair of pocket 10s. The local called and flipped over his king-jack. The dealer flipped over the hole cards and the fourth card was a jack.

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Storm bends Beulah communications tower

A tower used for Beulah Police Department and Beulah City Hall communications was damaged by the severe winter storm that ravaged much of the state Jan. 20-25.

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Power restored in Roughrider system

A violent storm of snow, ice and wind left things cold and dark two weeks ago for thousands of residents in North Dakota. As of Monday evening, power was restored to all residents in Mercer and Oliver counties who had been left in the dark for varying lengths of time.

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Local company plans to check refinery possibility

A major study on the feasibility of increasing refinery capacity in North Dakota will be conducted out of a Beulah office.

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