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Keeping children healthy

Dr. Aaron Garman of the Coal Country Community Health Center was recognized by the North Dakota Department of Health for making extraordinary contributions toward improving vaccination rates of children and adults. Providers’ Choice Awards were presented at the Greater Grand Forks Immunization Coalition Conference held in Grand Forks in May.

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Pool opening within our sights

Construction on the new swimming pool is nearing completion, city planner John Phillips said. All that remains are some small details to complete when the weather cooperates.

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Witness to tragedy

Dave Meier wasn’t expecting to be a witness to history. The former owner of Lignite Tire in Beulah was helping children get a sense of the great historical events of United States history when he was caught up in a historic event himself. For the last several years since leaving Beulah for the warmer climate of Sebring, Fla., Meier has been working for a company that does charter trips for students. These trips often go to the nation’s Capitol, Washington, D.C., so the students can take in the historic monuments and museums.

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Basin receives $100 million for carbon capture

Basin Electric Power Cooperative received a $100 million grant from the Department of Energy for a carbon capture demonstration project at the Antelope Valley Station. If successful, the project could allow coal fired power plants to remain viable if carbon emission limits are put into effect.

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Beulah looks to toughen housing rules

The Beulah City Council took the first step toward making its rules for what constitutes an adequate structure at its July 6 meeting.

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Work at WMA seeks to improve recreation, safety

The North Beulah Mine Wildlife Management Area offers area residents opportunities for fishing and hunting. The 1,859 acre WMA operated by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department is covered with spoil piles and pits from old mining operations. The North Dakota Public Service Commission is currently working on a project to remove some of the highwalls in the area to make the area safer and increase access for outdoor recreation.

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Mercer County Fair trumps inclement weekend weather

Fair organizers had everything ready to go for this past weekend’s 35th annual Mercer County Fair, and everything went according to plan.

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It’s time for the 35th annual Mercer County Fair in Beulah

It’s here, the Mercer County Fair will run its full course Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 25-28 with all its county glory, ready to delight children from 1-100.

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Board approves admin., auxiliary salaries

At a special meeting on June 16, the Beulah Public School Board approved new salary schedules for administrative and auxiliary staff.

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A tale of two cities: Beulah passes, Hazen fails utility vote

The votes are tallied and certified. The election held last week on June 11 in both Beulah and Hazen to allow the cities to form a municipal utility with the purpose of owning or leasing a natural gas pipeline distribution system within each city.

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