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Could natural gas issue be back?

Piping natural gas into Beulah and Hazen could be back on the table again.

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Old KRCC building sold

With energy expenses alone costing more than $55,000 per year, the Knife River Care Center was motivated to find a buyer for its former facility on Central Avenue. This week it found one.

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School days are almost here again

The countdown is beginning for the youth of Beulah as the lazy, hazy days of summer wind to an end. The stores are filled with back-to-school shoppers as the soon to be students are decked out with a new wardrobe, pencils, notebooks and all the implements they will need to face the challenges of a new grade.

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Crops taken off and taking off

The current stretch of hot weather may have most people in Beulah huddling by their air conditioners, but it has proven a double blessing for farmers. Dry weather has allowed the harvest of small grains to move fairly quickly while the heat has pushed row crops to maturity.

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Coal Counties will move away from paid lobbying

In action directed at avoiding a “gray area” in North Dakota law, the government entities that comprise what is known as Coal Conversion Counties, are looking at a joint powers agreement. That agreement, now before the Beulah City Council, would change the way the coal counties address the State Legislature.

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Phillips to step down

Beulah City Planner John Phillips has submitted his resignation to the Beulah City Council effective Dec. 31. Phillips will be joining Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota as a real estate development specialist.

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Beulah will be going crazy

The Beulah Chamber of Commerce will be going crazy Aug. 5 and 6 as Crazy Days makes its return as a two-day event.

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Backed-up creek southwest of Beulah puts home in distress

Throughout its 104 years on the North Dakota prairie, Casey and Julie Voigt’s home has withstood everything that Mother Nature could throw at it.

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Halliday’s future undecided

The Halliday School Board tabled a recommendation from Superintendent Dale Gilje to start preparing to shut down the school after the 2010-11 school year.

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Old Knife River Care Center building for sale

For sale, 42,000 sq. ft., 52 bedroom facility. In 2006, the Knife River Care Center began construction on its new facility on North 22nd Street. Ever since its completion a few years later, the question has been what to do with the old facility at 509 Central Ave. KRCC announced that it would be taking bids for the purchase of the facility.

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