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County asked to pay private pumping bill

Mercer County has been asked to pick up the tab on the cost of pumping water on private property at Lake Shore Estates.

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Beulah City Council 4-3 on time zone change support

Four of the seven Beulah city council members present Monday night for the regular meeting are in favor of actions by the Beulah Chamber of Commerce to garner support with which to petition the Department of Transportation for a change from Mountain to Central time.

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Get ready to Zip to Zap for their 40th reunion

People from all over the state and some from further away are ready to Zip to Zap on Saturday, May 16 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first and infamous North Dakota spring break event that set the small town of Zap on the map.

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Knife River bridge to reopen in early May, builders state

Pending cooperative weather, the State Highway 200 bridge spanning the Knife River northeast of Hazen is expected to be reopened by May 8, according to Project Superintendent Chad Milbrath of Industrial Builders, Inc., Fargo.

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Koapke signs plea agreement

Kari Koapke, 24, Beulah, and prosecutors have reached a plea agreement reducing a Class C felony charge to a Class A misdemeanor stemming from a one-vehicle accident that killed a Beulah native.

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Hoeven visits flooded areas in south Beulah

Gov. John Hoeven met with Beulah and county officials on the third leg of his journey Monday to view damages in the flooded county and talk about flood recovery. Hoeven was met by city and county officials when he arrived midmorning at the Beulah Airport following a prior stop in Valley City. Joining him were Maj. Gen. Dave Sprynczynatyk, the commander of the North Dakota National Guard, FEMA representative Derek Jensen, and Mark Clark, U. S. Army Corps of engineers.

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City council will delay on time change issue

Beulah’s chamber of commerce recently conducted a membership survey to determine the amount of support for an effort to petition the Department of Transportation for a change from Daylight to Central Time for Mercer County. Chamber president, Kevin Flaagan told the council at its regular meeting Monday evening that the Chamber had sent surveys to 110 members with 70 responses, 60 of which were in favor of the action to seek the time change. In his presentation Flaagan referred to the survey results as a “mandate.

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Conrad and Pomeroy inspect flood damage in Beulah area

It was hopeful news to Beulah and fellow Mercer County residents when Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., and Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., met with Mercer County and city officials April 8 at the Beulah City Hall to get a firsthand report on flood and snow damage.

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Second Knife River flush gives out mostly a scare

While the Beulah Chamber of Commerce was serving an appreciation stew to volunteers who helped out in the area during the first flooding of the Knife River and Spring Creek, residents of Beulah’s south side Ward 4 were nervously eyeing the second rise of the river within days.

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Beulah council seeks answers

There is a great amount of uncertainty regarding what clean up actions are necessary and required by Beulah homeowners damaged by the flood of 2009. No lesser degree of uncertainty is attached to what if any governmental assistance might be forthcoming from state and federal agencies. While that fog may clear in coming days, it may take weeks and months before some of the answers are delivered. In the meantime the city will be meeting with members of the state’s congressional delegation, developing a policy for clean up inspections and working on getting a disaster declaration that will provide help to homeowners whose damages range from minor to severe structural problems. Mayor Darrell Bjerke said that the city has also been in contact with local District 33 legislators who have promised their assistance.

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