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Power restored in Roughrider system

A violent storm of snow, ice and wind left things cold and dark two weeks ago for thousands of residents in North Dakota. As of Monday evening, power was restored to all residents in Mercer and Oliver counties who had been left in the dark for varying lengths of time.

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Local company plans to check refinery possibility

A major study on the feasibility of increasing refinery capacity in North Dakota will be conducted out of a Beulah office.

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Ice puts many out of power

If blowing snow and life-threatening wind-chill factors were a blizzard’s jab and uppercut – freezing rain would be it’s punch aimed below the belt.

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Needing more back-up moms in Mercer County

Mom and daughter step ever so slowly over the snowed-sprinkled driveway. Mom knocks on the door and, tightly holding hands, helps her 2-year-old angel over the doorstep. The two exchange a kiss and hug before the little one waves bye-bye to Mom, who heads to work, knowing her daughter is in perfect hands.

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Hidden drug problem plagues area schools

If you look at Mercer County’s biggest substance abuse problems one of the top three might surprise you. In fact, it might be sitting in your medicine cabinet right now. According to Michelle Anderson, director of the Youth Bureau of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, after alcohol and marijuana, the leading drug of choice is prescription drugs among high school students. In middle school it ranks fourth, behind tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. The numbers were derived from a survey of students across North Dakota, but Anderson said they represent what she has seen in Mercer County well. However, the extent of the problem surprised her.

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‘Hack attack’ on Mercer County money still under investigation

Law enforcement is investigating a report that a hacker swiped about $230,000 from Mercer County after gaining access into a county account at Union State Bank, Hazen.

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Down year yields bigger bucks much

The word from the field is that the deer were few and far between during the hunting season. But if the antlers on display at the Beulah Chamber of Commerce Big Buck contest at the GrandView were any indication, the deer that hunters did find were good ones.

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Zap city councilman passes away at home

Zap City Councilman Donald Monger died suddenly at his home on Dec. 30. Monger had been a member of the Zap City Council for 12 years. Monger put in a lot of time working to improve the city’s buildings and parks, Mayor Terry Barden said. But, he added, it would be nearly impossible to total up all the contributions Monger made to the community.

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Quiet New Year’s Eve ‘a good thing’

On New Year’s Eve night there are two types of people in Mercer County. First, are the ones that take part in the jubilation of the unknown future through celebration and socialization. The second, lesser known group, are those who secure the possibility of that future.

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Lagoon repair to proceed

Test results show that Cell 1 of the Beulah sewage lagoon is leaking and will have to be repaired.

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