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One household, two faiths

Mercer County is filled with faith of many religions. Communities are filled with churches representing these faiths. Little is known about the other religions in the area, but while much of the county and the world were celebrating Christmas these past days, others have been celebrating Hanukkah, an eight-day Jewish holiday. Also known as Chanukah or the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is held to remember the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem going back to the second century. While Christmas is always the same date every year, Hanukkah is observed for eight nights according to the Hebrew calendar and may occur anytime from late November to late December.

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KRIV visitor center closed on holidays

The visitor center at Knife River Indian Villages will be closed Dec. 25 and 26, and Jan. 1.

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Slim Jims for soliders

A little taste of North Dakota made its way to Iraq in December proving that their fellow countrymen have not forgotten the U.S. soldiers on duty in Iraq. Part of a "Gifts for Soldiers" project, the Beulah High School FFA meats processing class made 69 pounds of Slim Jims for U.S. soldiers spending Christmas in Iraq.

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Count your blessings, each and every one

We're often told, "Count your blessings." One by one each of us can count off the many blessings in life - family, friends, a job, food on the table, good health. Now during Christmas, as with all holidays, families will gather in celebration of the many blessings that life has bestowed upon them. They take this time above any other to remember and cherish one another.

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Businessman requests cap on licenses

Nite Owl Bar owner Ted Eickman returned to the Beulah City Council Monday night to formally proposed that the city place a cap on the number of liquor licenses that can operate within the city. At this time, after the approval of a liquor license to Bronson's Super Valu at the Dec. 1 council meeting, the city has seven various liquor license permits. In addition, the Black Sands Golf Course operates with a liquor license from Mercer County. There is also a license that was connected to the recently closed Looney Bin Lounge.

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Speeders watch out

The newest piece of police equipment has hit the streets of the city - a mobile speed monitor trailer purchased by the Beulah Police Department with a combination of a $3,000 Department of Transportation grant and matching city funds. Beulah Police Chief Kennie Voegele said the monitor has already been in use in three areas of the city since late October - Chaffee Row, Front Street and Highway 49 - while the department tests and learns how to use it. Sgt. Frank Senn has been responsible for setting the machine up and training other department members

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Natural gas still being explored in Beulah

Residents in Beulah may have another option for heat by the winter season of 2010 if all the ducks are in a row. The decision is still out as a fact-finding committee looks into whether or not Beulah should accept an offer from two Michigan based companies to bring a natural gas pipeline into the city. While the Hazen City Commission agreed last week to an exclusivity agreement with Major Pipelines LLC and Porter Survey PC, the city of Beulah is not yet ready to sign on the dotted line without further information. The decision will go before the City Council at 7 p.m. at the Dec. 15 meeting.

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Mercer County seeks mutual aid agreements with area industry

The countywide emergency training exercise held last month taught Mercer County's emergency responders some valuable lessons in communication. At last Wednesday's Mercer County Commission meeting, the commission applied some of those lessons, and agreed to request mutual aid agreements with Basin Electric Cooperative's Dakota Gasification Company, Leland Olds Station and Antelope Valley Station; Coyote Station; Dakota Westmoreland Mine; Coteau Mine and Great River Energy's Stanton Station.

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Calling all cooks and photographers

The staffs of the Beulah Beacon and Hazen Star are busy working on your 2008 Christmas tab--but we need your help!

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MC Fair inks in carnival

The Might Thomas Carnival has signed on the dotted line and Mercer County will have rides for the 2009 county fair next June. Fair Board member Darold Benz made the announcement with a signed contract in hand. The news is good for families and fair-goers who know that a good carnival is an important component to a good fair.

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