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The dollars and sense of natural gas conversion

If voters from Beulah and Hazen say “yes” in a special election Tuesday on whether or not to establish a natural gas municipal utility in Mercer County what does that mean to local residents? Local businesses? Pocket books?

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County 11 bridge causes concern

The old iron bridge spanning the Knife River a few miles south of Zap was built in 1908, according to the heavy, rusted iron nameplate that Ralph Johnson saved. The outdated bridge was torn down, and a new concrete structure was put in its place in 1971. Johnson has concerns about the current bridge, and spring flooding didn’t help matters.

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Saying farewell to their Beulah High School

A group of 77 young men and women walked the blue and gold halls of Beulah High School one last time as they entered the world as BHS’s newest alumni Sunday afternoon. The gymnasium was packed as friends and family joined in the culmination of the past 13 years of early education with the seniors received their final tribute as Miners. The graduates were a class unlike the rest who featured boy scouts, athletic and academic standouts, national placers for extra-curriculars such as FFA, FBLA and FCCLA, and state placers and winners for choir, band, speech, journalism and other academic competitions. With the official motto of “We came as strangers, we stay as friends, we leave with memories, that will never end,” the graduating class celebrated their success with fond memories and tears shed with sorrow.

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Zap came alive Saturday night

Approximately 1,000 people “Zipped to Zap” May 16 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the infamous 1969 event that put the town on the map. The reunion was peaceful in the wake of its namesake of 1969.

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City’s role in south side building questioned

Kevin Herrmann, who lives on the south side of Beulah, sustained floodwater damage to his home. He told the Beulah City Council Monday evening that he had met with the Federal Emergency Management Agency but because he had flood insurance was not eligible for FEMA assistance. Herrmann’s main point with the council, however, went to the question of any city responsibility for allowing houses to be built in that flood plain that were not in compliance with the 100-year flood level mandates by the federal government.

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Summer construction season looming for Highway 200

There’s bad news, good news, and … bad news. The bad news is that highway construction season is approaching quickly, likely bringing some frustrated Mercer County motorists and increased travel times with it.

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County asked to pay private pumping bill

Mercer County has been asked to pick up the tab on the cost of pumping water on private property at Lake Shore Estates.

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Beulah City Council 4-3 on time zone change support

Four of the seven Beulah city council members present Monday night for the regular meeting are in favor of actions by the Beulah Chamber of Commerce to garner support with which to petition the Department of Transportation for a change from Mountain to Central time.

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Get ready to Zip to Zap for their 40th reunion

People from all over the state and some from further away are ready to Zip to Zap on Saturday, May 16 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first and infamous North Dakota spring break event that set the small town of Zap on the map.

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Knife River bridge to reopen in early May, builders state

Pending cooperative weather, the State Highway 200 bridge spanning the Knife River northeast of Hazen is expected to be reopened by May 8, according to Project Superintendent Chad Milbrath of Industrial Builders, Inc., Fargo.

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