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Commission talks more road repairs

Mercer County Commission

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Athletic Department looks to fix debt

The athletic director updated the Beulah School Board with the athletic department’s current $60,000 deficit.

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Commission hires Dakota Staffing

Two custodial maintenance workers have quit at the Mercer County Courthouse.

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County receives grant for sexual assault exam room

Mercer and McLean counties now have a centralized sexual assault examination room, diminishing the long drive to the nearest city or a long wait in a busy hospital.

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Wellness Center approaches Commission

Beulah’s Wellness Center Foundation presented to the Mercer County Commission in hopes of a donation towards their new facility.

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City talks street repairs

Streets were talked about at length at Beulah City Council due to their need to get “cleaned up.”

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Beulah, the obvious choice

Mercer County Economic Development

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Beulah PD talks QRU with ambulance

Quick Response Units have been an unexpected focus for the Mercer County Ambulance Service Board in the last several months.

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Various bones found amongst old gravel pit

During government day lunch hosted by the Mercer County commissioners at the Zap community hall, commissioner Bill Tveit announced bones had been found at the construction site in Stanton.

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New headaches for water board as Lake Shore project stalls

After months of effort to bring together the different people involved and try to come up with a new plan or revive old plans, hopes of reaching a solution for the draining of the flooded Lake Shore Estates has been stonewalled.

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