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Coteau looks to re-open section line roads

Coteau Properties Company recently presented to the Mercer County Commission with excitement as they reported the re-opening of section line roads.

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Projecting fewer variances after district code changes

Beulah Planning and Zoning

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Crew Camp documentation met after approved permit

Allison Hicks and Scott Solem, Solem Law Office, Beulah, presented to the Mercer County Commission that Synergy Crew Camp has not met all the requirements but has already been granted a permit.

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Cache burials interest Three Affiliated Tribes

Where Stanton courthouse sits comes at a significant interest to the State Historical Society.

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Large grass fire calls area fire departments to action

If residents of Hazen and Beulah who live north of Highway 200 went to community churches Sunday, they were likely met with billowing smoke as they drove back toward their homes.

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District 27 hires Jordan as new superintendent

School Board Chairwoman Stacee McLaughlin was taken aback by the passion Travis Jordan has for not only his job, but the purpose his job holds

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County Commission receives courthouse expansion update

The Stanton courthouse is gearing up for an expansion; however, a few hiccups have already blipped up on the radar.

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5-phase road through Coyote Creek approved

The Mercer County Commission ended up divided over whether to allow the petition of road closure submitted by North American Coal, Coyote Creek Mine

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Drainage proposal gets tabled

Water often proves to be a tricky thing to control, and decisions which individuals make can have further repercussions.

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Beulah officer assaulted at Cobblestone

Beulah City Police Officer Kurt Zazeski was allegedly assaulted by Dawson Tarbell of Beulah March 9.

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