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Public meetings seek comments for state’s plan to comply with EPA rule

Coal mining and coal-fired power generation are big contributors to quality of life in Oliver County, in terms of both employment and the economy.

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Four veterans, one common thread

Four different men, four different experiences, one thing in common: they firmly believe everyone should take time to recognize our military members, past and present, each Veterans Day.

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Rekindling a bond with military brothers

Melt Olin recently rediscovered the bond he formed with his shipmates on the USS Decatur, DDG-31, when he and his wife, Sandy, traveled to Branson, Mo., for their first annual Decatur reunion.

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C-S 5th graders’ hard work pays off in pizza

They brainstormed, they planned, they prepared, they cut, they colored, they drew, and they glued.

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Former health services provider disburses funds to school district, ambulance service

Center-Stanton Public Schools and the Oliver County Ambulance Association received unexpected windfalls last week to assist with their respective needs.

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City puts proposed improvements on hold

Council to revisit capital improvement plan instead

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Coal Conversion Counties consider implications of new EPA rules

The latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency carbon dioxide (CO2) rules continue to be the hot topic for members of the North Dakota Coal Conversion Counties Association, which met Oct. 13 at the Square Butte Golf Club east of Center.

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Moose hunt a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience

Music – voices and instruments – is the first thing that comes to mind when Lacey Hanson’s name is mentioned. That, and the way she can coax the absolute best from her students, no matter their ages.

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Fire destroys trailer home

The Oliver County Fire Protection District, Oliver County Ambulance Service, and the Oliver County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to a house fire just before 8:40 p.m. Saturday evening.

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CSPS bus drivers hang up their keys

Together, Sharon Price and Ruby Meyhoff have spent 70-plus years and driven more than a half million miles safely transporting hundreds of Oliver County children from their homes to school and back in every type of weather North Dakota could throw at them.

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