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AgriBash offers career information, employer access

First event of its kind in western North Dakota

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Bornemann wins geography bee

Which state is larger in area—West Virginia or Florida?

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OSCD recognizes outstanding soil conservation accomplishments

Outstanding soil conservation efforts by Oliver County residents were recognized recently when the Oliver Soil Conservation District held its annual recognition banquet.

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Bountiful Baskets offers wide variety of quality, affordable fresh produce

Participants receive summer-fresh fruit and vegetables year ‘round

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Controversy continues over power structure placement

The five high voltage structures in the ditch along 23rd Street SW are not out of sight, nor are they out of mind. The structures’ location, safety concerns and potential alternatives have been an ongoing topic between the Oliver County Commission and Minnkota Power since April of this year.

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Ambulance squad welcomes new ‘member’

LUCAS able to provide CPR without fatigue

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Anything is possible with will

13th Annual Lake Sakakawea State Park Wheelchair Hunt a big success

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SIM truck provides realistic training experience

The ambulance is called to an accident scene where a car struck a pick-up truck that was turning off the highway. The fire department is already on scene, having just extricated the pick-up driver from his vehicle using the Jaws of Life. The pick-up driver was wearing his seatbelt, and the pick-up’s airbags deployed on impact.

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County Commission discusses extra-duty stipend for deputies

Oliver County is short one sheriff’s deputy for the second time this year. When all three deputy positions are filled, Sheriff Dave Hilliard and each of the deputies rotate on a schedule of 12-hour shifts. Having only three people on the schedule requires working some 24-hour shifts and longer than usual stretches without time off.

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Innovative products help preserve independence

Independence: A state that defines maturity, adulthood, and the ability to make one’s own life choices. Once attained, independence is not easily, nor freely, given up.

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