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Details begin to surface during special improvement district public meeting

Previously undisclosed options and the need for greater background and historical data tempered the presentation made at a public meeting held to discuss recommendations for sanitary sewer, water system, and street replacement in the City of Center.

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Deapolis Cemetery & Wayside Chapel labors of love and respect

A tranquil spot along a busy two-lane highway, Deapolis Cemetery and its Wayside Chapel bear the memories and history of the area’s past.

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Tax levy questions answered during CSPS public meeting

The opportunity to ask questions about Center-Stanton Public Schools intended request for additional tax dollars and have them answered only drew a small crowd to the public meeting last Thursday evening.

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9/11 observance a lesson in history for Center-Stanton students

Most students in preschool through twelfth grade hadn’t even been born when the 9/11 attacks occurred.

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$5.7 million improvement project topic of Sept. 16 special meeting

It was no surprise that the city’s sanitary sewer system, water system, and streets are in need of repair.

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Compost possible cause of tree row fire

The unexpected knocking on Bill and Bernice Etherington’s door Sept. 3 wasn’t a chance visit from a friend or neighbor, stopping by to chat.

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Space campers ‘travel’ the universe

They not only met new life forms, they were those life forms.

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Retiring Hannover farrier leaves clients' hooves in good hands

“This lady pulled in in a big 4-wheel drive pick-up. It looked like a shoeing vehicle, but she didn’t look like a farrier. She’s got gray hair, she’s got it up in a French twist, I’m thinking, ‘we’ve got all sorts of mixed signals here’.”

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Bus route still CSPS concern

Finding themselves nearly down to the wire, Center-Stanton School Board members were forced to make decisions regarding the southwest bus route.

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Smooth start, abrupt ending to 20/20

People trickled into the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center last Friday evening as Center’s first all-night dance party got underway.

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