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Dream big and achieve

New education center offers year-round opportunities

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20/20 dance party set to light up the night

Twenty thousand is a big number that promises big fun when 20/20 brings “20,000 watts/20,000 LED lights” to the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center.

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Gullickson types final period on her news career

The typewriter keys stand idle now, after more than 35 years of cranking out area news and observations.

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Oliver County Fair celebrates 25th Anniversary

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Ambulance fundraiser

Some come for the food, some come for a chance at flight.

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KRIV earthlodge updates

The earthlodge in Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site is undergoing renovations for the first time since it was built in 1995.

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Policy updates dominate school board agenda

The Center-Stanton School Board began the 2015-2016 academic year with efforts to put its figurative house in order before school starts.

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Stanton native pilots ‘Polar Pumpkin’ pole to pole

There’s very little, if anything, that doesn’t intrigue Art Mortvedt.

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Fun Run/Walk gains traction at Bluegrass Goes Pink

The 5K Fun Run/Walk was a popular new addition the annual Bluegrass Goes Pink fundraiser at Cross Ranch last year, and organizers expect to see it grow.

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Real signs of drowning are subtle

A trip to the lake or swimming pool is a great way to beat the summer heat – so long as everyone comes home safely.

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