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Center pool needs repairs

Handicap chairs, slide could cost $12,000

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‘Face of Basin’ retires

Hill leaves electricity co-op after 35 years

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County heads want ‘equal treatment’

Employees question pay raise for auditor

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Gas prices dropping for holidays statewide

The dollar gauges at fuel pumps are taking a dive and are expected to hit their lowest prices in almost a year. North Dakota motorists are paying the cheapest gas prices since January, said Gene LaDoucer of North Dakota AAA in Fargo. Fuel pumps across the state dropped an average of 17 cents in the last month, settling at $3.28 per gallon Monday. “It’s a culmination of things including the fact that we haven’t seen any active hurricanes affecting oil producing regions of the country,” he said. “It’s a nice mixture of positive news for a change, which is helping in lowering prices for consumers.” Local drivers are also seeing a drop in price. Hazen averaged $3.29 per gallon, a 10-cent decrease from a month ago. That’s also 35 cents down from last year. Beulah saw a slightly larger decrease, hitting $3.27 a gallon. The price is 14 cents down from a month ago and 37 cents from last year.

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Health Care Marketplace open

The Health Care marketplace has been open since the beginning of October, and although applicants faced early challenges enrolling, the process is moving ahead. As one of 32 states that opted to default to the federally-run exchange, uninsured and eligible North Dakotans go directly to the website to find a policy that best fits them. Darrold Bertsch, CEO of Sakakawea Medical Center and Coal Country Community Health Center, said it could be prudent for those without insurance to wait a brief period. “It’s still our mindset to encourage people to ‘hurry up and wait’ until the bugs get worked out,” Bertsch said. “You’ve got until Dec. 15 to enroll in a plan and be eligible Jan. 1.” Although Dec. 15 is the deadline to enroll to receive coverage starting with the new year, open enrollment will continue until March 31. After that those not enrolled who remain uninsured will receive a penalty of $95 per adult, $47.50 per child or one percent of their income. Megan Dierks, the Outreach/Enrollment Specialist at CCCHC, went through specific training to walk people through the application process. “It is fairly lengthy and some people might need guidance in using the computer or who don’t know about health insurance,” Dierks said.

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Center-Stanton music students take Euro trip

When it comes to the Center-Stanton High School choir and band students, there are few things as treasured as a chance to go to Europe as a Northern Ambassador of Music. “This is something we were all looking forward to doing,” senior Tristina Hintz said. “It was surreal. It didn’t feel real until I was holding the letter in my hand (for the trip).” Hintz was one of eight students handpicked by music teacher Lacey Hanson to go on the 16-day trip, an honor that only 350 students from North Dakota and Montana were awarded this year. Katie Windhorst, Cassidy Fitch, Tristen Henke, Megan Schwalbe, Carly Benjamin, Danny Henke and Quentin Bergstadt also attended the program. Students from CSHS are chosen once every two years to go on the trip in the summer, Hanson said. The school has participated in the program since 2001.

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Baesler: All schools will fail

North Dakota schools will all fail to meet national standards next year, according to Department of Public Instruction officials. “We expect all of our schools will be in a (Annual Yearly Progress) failing status,” State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler said. “It’s just the reality. We are in pretty good company because some of the best states in the (country) will have school districts that are 100 percent failing.” Students across the state are sitting down for hours taking the test for AYP, a report that determines how school districts are performing academically. The test that was intended to help “close the gap” between high and low performing schools, but it has been a headache for school officials, Baesler said, adding the requirements have gotten more unrealistic with each year. DPI has called on congressional help to overturn NCLB, but Baesler agreed that Congress is focused on farm bills and presenting a budget to prevent another government shutdown. “We continue to work with our congressional delegation,” she said. “Education seems to take a back seat. It can be frustrating for educators.”

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National Guard to close Hazen Armory

After 36 years in the Hazen Armory the North Dakota National Guard will leave the city for one final time. Officials announced Thursday the decision to close the Hazen and Cavalier facilities by December. “Those are the two smallest armories in terms of number of soldiers, Maj. Gen. David Sprynczynatyk Many states are moving toward regional armories, he said. More than 70 percent of North Dakota’s Guard members live within 10 miles of the state’s 10 largest cities. Hazen has 26 Guardsmen in the troop known as Detachment 1 of the 818th Engineer Company (Sapper). Sixteen members are part of the 134th Quartermaster Detachment in Cavalier. None are from the two cities. Sprynczynatyk was surprised that there were no soldiers from the towns where the armories were located, adding Cavalier once had 65 members, all from that town. “We’ve seen a change in the demographics, he said. We are seeing that change significantly across the state. Hazen’s soldiers will more than likely be relocated to Minot while Cavalier’s will transfer to Grand Forks, Sprynczynatyk said. Some may also be transferred to other units depending on skill sets and location. “This decision did not come quickly or easily, but challenging times require difficult decisions,” he said. “We are facing a future of uncertainties, both in North Dakota and around the United States, due to new national strategies regarding the size and composition of our military force.”

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ND is all wet

North Dakota is in the midst of one of its wettest years, and that isn’t helping the corn harvest, officials said. “Basically right now the ground is getting so soft that we can’t get the crops dried down. That’s the big issue,” Oliver County Extension Agent Rick Schmidt said. The state has seen above normal rain, National Weather Service meteorologist Rich Kinney said. Oliver County averages less than an inch of rain for October, he said. But a late rain season has pushed precipitation measurements up to six inches for the month to date. “We are well above normal,” he said. “Bismarck is up to 4.64 (inches) for the month. That’s 3.75 above normal.” Bismarck recorded its fifth wettest year with 25.26 inches, according to NWS. The wettest year on record was in 1876 with 30.92 inches.

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Affinity Salon set to style on Main Avenue

Affinity Salon set to style on Main Avenue By Michael Johnson BHG News service Making someone feel beautiful is no easy task. Kelli Folk-Murrey, the new owner of the salon downtown in Washburn is ready for that task. The sale of the business was final Aug. 30. It reopened as Affinity Salon Sept. 5 and has been open since. “It felt like a good opportunity,” Folk-Murrey said. “Washburn and the area is growing.” Folk-Murrey is a native of the Center-Stanton area, but has called Wilton home for the past three years. Her experience in hair started about five years ago while working as a receptionist at Spa D’ Athena in Bismarck. She called it an early mid-life crisis. She would stare at the hair stylists doing their work on the many customers everyday and others finally talked her into taking up some scissors and learning the trade, too. The trade came naturally for her. She attended the Hair Academy and soon returned to working at Spa D’ Athena and at Glance Spa and Salon in Bismarck.

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