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Village Gallery Art Show kicks off Friday

Oliver County and the surrounding area are filled with talented people. This makes the 33rd Annual Village Gallery Art Show the perfect place to check out the talents of your neighbors.

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Henkes, proud to share five-generation Oliver County homestead heritage

With parents and grandparents among the very early Oliver County settlers, Ervin and Orlene Henke have a well-earned place among the six people to be honored at the 2011 Old Settlers’ Days celebration to be held June 10-12.

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Amidst the memories, Center-Stanton says farewell to 17

While taking one of their largest steps of their young lives forward, Center-Stanton graduates took a moment to look back on the past during their ceremony on Sunday at the Center-Stanton High School gymnasium.

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Letzring homesteading roots deep in Oliver County history

The name Letzring has been a part of Oliver County since the days of homesteading. This year Old Settlers Days honors Vernon and Kathy Letzring for the rich legacy their family has contributed to this area.

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CSHS Class of 2011 to graduate 17 Sunday

Wildcat pride will fill the Center-Stanton High School gymnasium in Center Sunday, May 29. That’s when the Class of 2011 will step onto the stage for the final, most important moment in high school.

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WWCS coasts on first inning success

“We come out hitting the ball. We had four or five hits in the first inning and good plate appearances where we got a walk or two so we executed well there.”

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Berger lives life with zest

The Center Community Club has announced the six Oliver County residents who have been chosen as the 2011 Honorary Old Settlers: Nick Berger, Betty Schaner, Vernon and Kathy Letzring, and Ervin and Orlene Henke.

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City council and a law enforcement have showdown

A special meeting was called on Thursday, May 5 between the Center City Council and Oliver County area law enforcement to discuss the continued problem of junk vehicles in the city.

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City property problems, lot sales and solutions considered

Local business owners have expressed an interest in purchasing property from the city of Center, creating a good amount of discussion at the Center City Council meeting May 2.

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American forces take down Osama Bin Laden

At approximately 9:45 p.m. Sunday, May 1, President Barack Obama announced on live television that the United States had conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, the leader of al Quaeda and the terrorist who was responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

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