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Hypothermia, dehydration top cold weather livestock threats

When temperatures drop and the wind picks up, it’s tempting to get chores done quickly and get back into the house and out of the cold. But those frigid, blustery days are when it’s most important to take the time needed to check livestock for signs of hypothermia and dehydration.

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How to save lives, energy are priorities

The senseless shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December significantly increased concern for and awareness about safety in public schools throughout the nation. In response, Center-Stanton Public Schools has increased its priority for completing a revised emergency response plan. Superintendent Curt Pierce began reviewing and simplifying the district’s plan last spring. When completed, the plan will coordinate school district, city and county response to emergency situations such as student safety and health, natural disasters, accidents and hazardous materials spills.

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New commissioners receive overviews

Oliver County’s two new commissioners—Darrell Berger and Blake Wilkens—were greeted at the Jan. 3 meeting with overviews providing background on various reporting areas. Steve Reiser of Dakota Central Social Services provided history for the organization in order to provide context for upcoming staff location changes. DCSS began serving Mercer, McLean and Sheridan counties in 1975 with a shared director. Cooperative efforts continued over the years, with the organization forming a district in 2007 after the Legislature passed a bill allowing counties to create Social Services districts.

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Bookmobile needs, highway access top Center City Council agenda

Center-Stanton Librarian Milissa Meckle appeared before the City Council to request funding for the bookmobile Monday night.

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Smokers out in the cold

The N.D. ban barring smoking in public places went into effect Dec. 6. The ballot measure passed statewide with nearly 67 percent of voters in favor. Oliver County voters also passed the measure, but only with about 57 percent of the voters in favor. The ban applies to all enclosed public areas and places of employment; electronic cigarettes are included in the ban.

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If they know, they will stay

This is the third in a four-part series on Community Health Needs Assessment in Mercer and Oliver counties. The final feature will focus on prioritizing health issues in the area. Community members may be inclined to use hospital services locally if they knew about them, officials said during a health assessment meeting earlier this month.

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Emergency services top the list for locals

This is the second in a four-part series on Community Health Needs Assessment in Mercer and Oliver counties. Next week will feature patient awareness and use of services from local health providers. Health care providers and citizens in Mercer, Oliver and Dunn counties both have emergency services, cancer and heart disease on the mind, a recent University of North Dakota health study revealed.

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Christmas not so different for Germans or Russians

There are more similarities than differences between Christmas in their home countries and in the United States concluded foreign exchange program students Ira Shishova and Emily Lorenz. Shishova is from Sarov, Russia, and Lorenz is from Chemnitz, Germany.

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Joys of working during the holidays

Ask anybody … Christmas is for the children. But when adults gather in their circles with their closest friends, they may admit to loving Christmas and all of its surprises.

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Permit no longer required

It’s no longer an issue; that’s what Henry Maertens said to Oliver County commissioners Thursday at their monthly meeting. The issue of being in compliance with the Health Department concerning water and sewer resurfaced Thursday after a meeting of the Oliver County Planning and Zoning Board.

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