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C-S food scientists develop products with consumer appeal

Pretzels, chips, snack mix -- crunchy savory bite-size finger foods to carry on the go or munch on while working, studying, or watching TV.

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Commission considers route for Minnkota transformer

Road conditions are an ongoing concern in Oliver County, especially once frost has left the ground leaving roadways vulnerable to damage from heavy loads.

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‘ArcheoBlitz’ gives students a taste of real-life field work

What’s better than watching Indiana Jones or The Librarian recover artifacts and bring new knowledge to the world?

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After 25 years, ‘The [Heart]Beat Goes On’ for Gullickson

It all started with shortness of breath.

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Contracts, election top school board

The last of Center-Stanton Public Schools’ teacher contracts were approved at the April school board meeting, bringing the board close to finalizing teaching staff for the coming year.

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Miller-Linn Legion Post 90 comes home with honors

Its members don’t call much attention to themselves.

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Property assessments draw crowd to city tax meeting

Seeing the benefits of tax dollars at work was the farthest thing from people’s minds during the recent City of Center tax equalization meeting.

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Building permit concerns challenge commissioners

Has a building and/or conditional use permit been issued? Is the permit correct, and is the building being constructed accordingly?

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OC was ‘the place to be’ for Ladies Ag Night

Annie White Carlson and Oliver Wendell Douglas each had a dream – to make a living raising their own food on their own land.

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C-S sends Science Olympians to State

What do you call a competition that pits contestants’ knowledge, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and ability to function under pressure against a ticking clock?

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