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School board members focus on change and needed improvements

Tanned board members contributed to the feeling of summer June 13 at the Center-Stanton School Board meeting. Even though school is out for the students and the feeling at the meeting was more relaxed, a good deal of business was covered.

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Farming is the way of life

The roadway entering into the Schwalbe homestead dips gently down, delivering visitors into a quaint, efficient farmyard. Trees surround the area, while a cool breeze can be felt coming off a nearby creek. Flagstones pave the way through the grass up to Gertrude Schwalbe’s house.

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Property owner argues health and safety concerns, given 1 more month

Brad Dahl appeared at the Center City Council meeting June 4, as was requested of him during the May meeting. Dahl’s property located in the city’s industrial lot has been a health and safety concern since October 2011. According to a report from Custer County Health, the building was to be closed in order to not allow access by rodents or other vermin. In order to further remedy the public heath nuisance occurring on the property, the piles of miscellaneous junk that could provide harborage for rodents, vermin or any other source for public filth or disease were to be removed.

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Hintz, Old Settlers honoree and popular artist

any of Elvira (Letzring) Hintz’s most cherished life events are recorded in art.

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Family means the most to Steffensons

Oliver County roots run deep for the Richard and Shirley Steffenson family. Richard’s family homestead was settled in the 1890s near the old Price store along the railroad tracks and the Missouri River.

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High School days are over

Seniors at Center-Stanton High School became graduates at the commencement ceremony May 27 at the C-S gymnasium.

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They’re just an ocean away

Culture shock isn’t always a welcoming experience but there are some individuals who anticipate it. Two young women, not even old enough to vote, left their homes for almost an entire year to get the American experience. It was one they will not forget.

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The Price is right

Pulling up to the driveway to Ray and Mary Price’s A-frame house located on River Road in rural Oliver County, set the stage for an adventurous and creative encounter.

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Does a permissive social culture damage children?

As graduating teens flow out of high schools across North Dakota this month, many families will host open house events where loved ones and friends will gather to congratulate the giddy graduates. It is a time for celebration, the beginning of a new stage in life.

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Training set for new bullying program at CS

Across the nation a wave of intolerance is expressed against bullying and Center-Stanton School District has joined the effort to fight.

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