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Where’s North Dakota beef? Right in Washington, D.C.

Hmm, what shall it be for dinner tonight, the homemade meatloaf? Macaroni and cheese, pot roast or chicken pot pie? Or maybe a thick, juicy North Dakota bred and raised rib eye steak.

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Peterson hired for high school principal position

It’s musical chairs for administrators in the Center-Stanton School District, a spin off that began with the upcoming retirement of Superintendent Royal Lyson.

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A reflection on 40 years

You might know Sharon Olander as the friendly face of the Hazen Star front office. Or, you might associate her with her popular “Cook of the Week” column, which she began in 1981 and now runs in three different newspapers. Maybe you speak with her on the phone each spring when you call in to renew your Star or Center Republican subscription. You might even visit with her when you turn in a “Happening,” which she then types up for the newspaper each week.

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County Commission addresses various tax issues

If all is approved by the North Dakota Tax Department, Oliver County will soon be in compliance with new state law requiring each county make the addition of soil modifiers for evaluation of land.

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Reading program is making a difference

After one full semester, READ 180, a new reading program at Center-Stanton Elementary School, has shown favorable results and improvement in reading skills.

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Political picture starting to materialize in District 33

And the race is on, as District 33 Republican and Democrat candidates are stepping forward to receive or seek their respective parties’ endorsements in preparation for the 2010 elections.

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City increases tax exemption limit on all new buildings

In an effort to promote the construction of new homes and renovation of existing ones, the Center City Council approved a resolution to increase the current city property tax exemption at its monthly meeting March 1.

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In a constant need for back-up moms in DCSS

Mom and daughter step ever so slowly over the lightly snowed driveway. Mom knocks on the door and helps her 2-year-old angel over the doorstep by holding her hand, ever so tightly. The two exchange a kiss and hug before the little one waves bye-bye to Mom, who heads to work, knowing her daughter is in perfect hands.

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Pierce hired for CSHS superintendent job

“We believe we’ve chosen our best candidate for the job,” Rick Schmidt, Center-Stanton Public School Board President said upon the unanimous vote by the board to offer High School Principal/Athletic Director Curt Pierce the superintendent position.

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CSHS financial audit comes out OK

Settling the issue of when to hire a new superintendent, the Center-Stanton School Board decided they would determine this at a special meeting scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 18.

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