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Finding good in the aftermath of ashes

Jan. 7 was cold and crisp with temperatures falling near the 40 below zero mark. Pepper Jensen was sleeping soundly in her country home on the old Bornemann dairy farm four miles northwest of Hannover when she was abruptly wakened around 4 a.m. by excited barking from her two house dogs, Poochy and Chilly.

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New wind project to blow green into Oliver County

Back when homesteaders were cutting their plows into rich North Dakota soil, blowing winds were often unwelcome as it meant lost crops and hard years.

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Storm downs power lines in Oliver County

Although students going to Center-Stanton School may have welcomed a day off Jan. 25, the storm that prompted administrators to close classes that day also caused a great deal of hassle for other Oliver County residents.

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Ice and wind put many out of power

If blowing snow and life-threatening wind-chill factors were a blizzard’s jab and uppercut – freezing rain would be it’s punch aimed below the belt.

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Henke harnesses Coyotes in 30-point win against GC

During the grueling January basketball schedule, some teams rest on their previous success and wait for tournament time.

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Former C-S player ruled ineligible

A North Dakota High School Activities Association investigation has found a Washburn girls basketball player to be ineligible for varsity competition.

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No go for co-op with Washburn at this time

Last month the Center-Stanton School Board addressed concerns with a former student who is playing basketball after transferring to Washburn last fall. The concern ended up going to the North Dakota High School Activities Association for clarification.

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Interest in basketball, football co-op benched

Sitting down to check his e-mail last Monday morning, Center-Stanton Superintendent Royal Lyson received official word that the discussion between C-S and Washburn to co-op girls basketball and football was over … at least for the time being.

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Center toddler begins long recovery from burns

Jan. 14 was one of the coldest days of winter as temperatures dipped far below zero. Yet, warmth filled BJ (Brian) and Nicole Berger’s sunlit living room in Center as their daughters, Kayley, 2, and Kendra, 3, played Ring around the Rosie.

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Area church reactions vary to ELCA’s clergy sexuality

The decision has parted some parishes like Moses did the Red Sea. At the 2009 Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America held Aug. 17-23, 2009, in Minneapolis, Minn., 1,045 voting members decided by a vote of 559-451 to accept as clergy gay people in "publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous" relationships. Previously, the church allowed gay clergy to serve only if they were celibate, similar to single heterosexual clergy.

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