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Oliver road crews working every day

The Oliver County shop began working a split shift Sunday, Jan. 9 in order to provide seven-day service to the county.

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School weather tower still reports conditions

People in the Center area have something many small towns don’t – up to the moment weather information available on the Internet or television Local Community Access Channel 10.

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Clark awarded Oliver Soil Conservation Achievement honors

Lord knows farming is a demanding and often thankless business. But once in awhile a guy gets a pat on the back for doing his best to take care of the land while still making a living from it.

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SWA treatment plant to mark near-end of pipeline project

From washing clothes to watering cattle, the Southwest Water Pipeline Project will bring some welcomed water to area residents.

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Center-Stanton schools show some improvement

“You’ve shown growth.” This statement by Bill Demaree sums up the findings of a school improvement team that visited the Center-Stanton Public School Nov. 16.

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Oliver County’s singing, banjo picking treasurer

Everyone has a hero. For Lee Benjamin, it’s Earl Scruggs, world renowned musician noted for perfecting and popularizing 3-finger style picking on the 5-string banjo.

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Dist. 33 legislators contemplate 2011 session with confidence

Voters in District 33 gave the incumbents a resounding vote of confidence. Sen. Randy Christmann and Reps. Brenda Heller and Gary Kreidt face a legislative session where money from oil taxes is plentiful, but so are the demands for that funding.

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ND 81st Civil Support team – always there

As civilians, we don’t often think about who will be there in case of a serious disaster. We know 911 will be called and someone will come.

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Local Farmers Union calls for more meatpacking competition

Concern that the three largest meatpackers in the United States control more than 80 percent of slaughter cattle in the United States, Oliver County Farmers Union members passed a resolution calling for more competition in the meatpacking industry

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Hintz shoo-in for county auditor race

Judith Hintz is the projected winner in the race for Oliver County Auditor after unofficial 2010 General Election results came in around midnight Tuesday evening.

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