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CS school absentees at an average

As the number of reported cases of H1N1 increase across the state, Center-Stanton School officials are knocking on wood with no confirmed cases as of yet among school-age children.

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Properties taken by County for unpaid taxes to be sold

The State Equalization Board has ruled. Oliver County real estate taxes will increase 2 percent on all structures within the rural area. This does not include the cities in the county. Oliver County Tax Director Jacky Schulte said the state board’s final decisions were made at the end of September.

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County addresses section lines and road concerns

Section lines and road issues once again came to the attention of Oliver County Commissioners when citizens appeared before the governing board on separate issues at the regular monthly meeting held Oct. 9.

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Each step a little closer to a cure

Cancer is an ugly monster that knows no limits. It takes moms, sisters, aunts, neighbors, grandfathers and friends equally. Its rage knows no age restrictions, and the wake of it’s devastation in some way or another affects everyone.

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CS School District ends meet for 2010-11 term

The Center-Stanton School Board accepted the proposed budget for 2010 as presented Oct. 8 by Center-Stanton Superintendent of Schools Royal Lyson.

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City passes housing incentive

Center City Council members advanced their campaign to entice people to live in the community after passing a property tax exemption on family homes at their monthly meeting Oct. 5.

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Fall, perfect time to get ready for winter and spring

It’s fall. Leaves are falling, perfect blooms are fading and cooler temperatures fill the days and nights. Don’t fret; this is the perfect time to look around your yard, prepare it for winter and plan for next spring. After all, it’s just a few months away.

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Golf course safe found

The safe taken in a burglary at the Square Butte Creek Golf Course Aug. 30 has been found.

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Center buildings being demolished

Demolition of vacant structures in Center is progressing. As of Sept. 28 five structures have been either demolished or are in the process of being demolished, according to Center Housing Authority member Joan Ronholdt.

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State equalization still wants Oliver County to increase

Oliver County Tax Director Jacky Schulte has had quite a year as she continues the work required by the state to update real estate values. While most people understand that she is only doing what she is told, some haven’t been as understanding.

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