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BNI dragline fire quickly extinguished

BNI Coal summoned the Oliver County Rural Fire Department and the Hazen City Fire Department at 11 a.m. Dec. 10 to assist with a fire in the "Big Jake" dragline working five miles southwest of Center. "Our employees put the fire out in 15-20 minutes," Jeff Forsberg, Safety Director for BNI said. "We sent the Hazen department back, but kept Oliver County's at the site to monitor the situation for about an hour. We really appreciate their quick response."

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Pulver retires from longtime county service

They filed into the Oliver County Courthouse meeting room wearing suits, dress clothes and overalls. They came from out of town, courthouse offices and the shop. They all came to congratulate Francis Pulver, Oliver County Road Supervisor, for his 23 years of service to the county and community. Barb Fleming, Oliver County auditor, organized a surprise retirement party for Pulver Dec. 4 inviting friends, associates and county employees.

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Commissioners tackle many county issues

Oliver County auditor Barb Fleming issued certifications of election to Commissioners Kent Albers and Dwaine Helmers during the monthly meeting of the Oliver County Commission Dec. 4. Albers, serving District 1, and Helmers, serving District 3, were re-elected to four-year terms in November. The commission plunged into a crowded agenda. They tackled two issues brought by landowners. Tony Heidrich asked about an easement so that he can place a fence on land that had formerly been part of a road that is no longer being used. He would like to run his fence straight to the present road thus adding nearly half an acre.

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Meals on Wheels asks city for some assistance

The cost of eating continues to rise, and the Center Meals on Wheels Program is beginning to feel the effect. Next year the Mandan Meals on Wheels Program will not help fund the one in Center, which operates out of the Golden Age Club. Delphia Nelson appeared before the Center City Council at their monthly meeting Dec. 1 to ask for help. According to Nelson, president of the Center Golden Age Club, Mandan's program has been sharing grant money with Center, but with rising operating costs, Mandan doesn't have the funds to allocate to Center. Nelson, who also serves on the Mandan Golden Age Services Board, said the amount Center's program will receive this year from Mandan is $7,321.08, and the projected cost to operate the program in Center for 2009 is $11,535.

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Community dinner - a feast to be thankful for

There was no excuse for missing a great Thanksgiving dinner in Center this year. The United Methodist Church hosted a Community Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner at the church Nov. 30. "I thought it would be a nice mission project for our community," Sharon Anderson, a United Methodist member said.

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Gas drops below $2 across counties

People in Center aren't exactly dancing in the streets, but they are smiling more when they fill up their tanks at the Corner Express. The price of gas there dropped to under $2 on Nov. 18 for the first time since March 2005. The peak price was $3.99 in July-August 2008. Ten percent ethanol is now $1.95, regular unleaded at $1.99, premium at $2.25 and diesel at $3.04, not counting the nine-tenths of a cent.

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Beating adversity, Thanksgiving Day blessings are 'Thankful'

As families and friends across America gather for this Thanksgiving Day holiday, blessings and thankfulness come to mind. As is often said, sometimes it is the simplest things in life, and often life itself, that seem to so often be taken for granted. But as someone who knows better recently said, "things happen in life, things that always seem to happen to everyone else. Not you." No one knows better about those "things" than people who have experienced it, people like Tanya Ginther, Dillon Schramm and Carlyle Sailer.

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CSHS football coaches hand in resignations

Head football coach Scott Jung and assistant coach Michael Bergstrom submitted letters of resignation as coaches to the Center-Stanton Public School Board during its Nov. 17 meeting. The board accepted their resignations with some reluctance. Jung has been a teacher at the Center-Stanton High School for three years and coached since 2006. Bergstrom has also taught and coached for three years. Their resignations as football coaches do not affect their teaching positions.

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Oliver County food pantry gears up for upcoming holidays

It's that time of year again, the holidays, and area food pantries, the Oliver County Food Pantry and the Gifts of Love project, are getting prepared. The Oliver County Food Pantry is ready to offer families emergency food assistance year-round, not just during the holiday season, but Sally Jons, president of the Center based group, said that they get busier this time of year.

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First snowstorm shuts down Oliver County and surrounding area

By Kathy Tandberg The first major snowstorm of the winter hit Center and the area late Wednesday night, Nov. 5, starting out with more than 2 inches of heavy rainfall according to the National Weather Service, turning to snow as temperatures dropped. The result was approximately 10 inches of snowfall, giving Center-Stanton School students the first storm day of the 2008-09 school term. Classes were also cancelled Friday.

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