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Civic center namesake had helping hands

A city doesn’t run by itself. It takes many minds, many hands, many good, caring people who are willing to take on the challenges of an overwhelming task.

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High moisture kicks harvest off to slow start

Dave Porsborg fired up his John Deere 9600 combine Aug. 25 and roared into a field of barley shearing a 30-foot span. He went to the end of the field, turned around, came back and stopped. He did a test by putting kernels into a gadget that records the percent of moisture within seconds. Too high. He tried another field nearby, stopped and again checked the moisture. Too high.

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Peterson begins duties as full-time counselor at CS

Tracy Peterson has joined the Center-Stanton School District staff as full-time school guidance counselor. Previously the district shared a counselor with Washburn and Wilton. The school board approved the move to full time this past winter.

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Catching “the god of golf” in PGA pre-action

“Is he the best golfer in the world, Grandpa?” “He’s the god of golf.” The story begins in April when my son-in-law Ron Kalvoda mentioned during our morning jog that the PGA Championship was scheduled to be played at Hazeltine National in Chaska, Minn., Aug. 13-16.

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CSHS European tour - trip of a lifetime

Let’s see. What did I do on my summer vacation? Played video games, went shopping, caught some sun, and, oh yeah, toured Europe. When 12 Center-Stanton girls returned to school this fall, they certainly didn’t have to think too hard to compose that pleonastic essay in English class.

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Center-Stanton schools prepared for first day

The Center-Stanton Public School administration discussed preparations for the upcoming school year at the board meeting Aug. 13.

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Fitch tends to his flocks with tender care

Small or large, a flock needs tending. A good shepherd ministers his flock by leading them to nourishment that will enrich the body and soul. He shares his wisdom as guidance and offers a caring heart for comfort.

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Minnkota to announce line changes at open house

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. will hold a public open house from 6-9 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 20 at the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center in Center.

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New high school principal on job at Center-Stanton HS

When that first bell of the new school term rings next week, a new face will be in the halls of Center-Stanton High School greeting the students as they walk through the front door.

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Oliver County Fair truly ‘the best value in town’

You get little value for $6 these days, but at the Oliver County Fair, $6 will get you an entire day of fun from morning to night.

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