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Just taking the next step in life’s journey

The 22 members of the Center-Stanton Class of 2009 stepped out the front of the high school one final time as students. The graduates are now free to go out into the wide world and blaze their own path.

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Ada, education and music still in her heart

Remember the Country Cousins, Mike Dosch, the 5 K’s? Ada Klindworth does, especially the last group of singers since they are her five oldest children.

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Oliver County road sites hit hard by winter and lot of floodwater

There are more than 700 sites in need of road repair in Oliver County, according to Road Supervisor Bruce Nelson. Oliver County Commissioners heard the report at the May 7 meeting held in Center.

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Energy development ranks high on Oliver County agenda

Wind turbines ranked high on the Oliver County Commissioners’ agenda during their monthly meeting May 7 in Center. Frank Rahne and Jim Atkinson, representing Minnesota Power, presented their company’s plan to construct 16 wind turbines in 2010 and another 17 in 2011. Each wind turbine would generate 2.3 megawatts.

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City Council continues work on city housing issues

The Center City Council approved a resolution proposed at the May 4 meeting by the Housing Authority that the city support Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $600,000.

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Donating a cell phone helps soldiers talk to loved ones

They say that you can tell who your loved ones are by realizing the first people that you want to talk to when something wonderful – or mortifying – happens to you in life. When you have a great day, or when you have a sad day, it is easy to turn to a friend or family member for support. Even across the miles, those ties can be held strong through a simple telephone call.

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Momcat helps senior boys out with team spirit

For several of the past years, wherever the Center-Stanton Wildcats boys’ basketball team roamed, a mother cat could be seen nearby keeping an especially close eye. Not unusual for a mother cat, but this one was roaming with her Nikon in hand.

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A mighty Center came together to fight rising creek

Citizens of Center were a shining example in April when more than 80 volunteers came together to stand up to the rising waters of Square Butte Creek. They showed that it indeed takes a village and for the most part, the village won the battle.

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The four ’Cats of Center-Stanton HS basketball

Notre Dame had its ‘Four Horsemen’ in the 1920s. The Minnesota Vikings had their four ‘Purple People Eaters’ in the 1960s. Center-Stanton had its four ’Cats this year.

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Junior high acalympics team have night of ‘Jeopardy’

Can you name the capital of the Aztec Empire? Tough question, and the answer has to be spelled correctly. Center-Stanton’s acalympic team answered this question correctly and many others but did not make it to the final round at the 2009 Junior High Acalympics April 2 at the Glen Ullin High School.

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