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District 33 House candidates share views on the issues

Editor’s Note: Due to length, the Center Republican will be run this article in two parts, one this week and the other Oct. 14.

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Neumiller student teaching at Center-Stanton HS

Heather Neumiller has been sharpening her teaching skills since kindergarten. That’s when she learned to read and soon was teaching a younger brother to read.

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Netbook computers enhance CSHS studies

It’s smaller than a regular laptop with a 10.1-inch screen, and it only weighs about 2 pounds. Yet this tiny computer has the capacity to help students accomplish a great amount of schoolwork.

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Center-Stanton Homecoming week activities begin Monday

Eight Center-Stanton High School seniors were chosen as the 2010 Center-Stanton High School homecoming candidates. The candidates were chosen by votes of students in grades seven.

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Gravel is important item on County Commission agenda

Roads and how to get gravel on them was high on the agenda Sept. 8 at the Oliver County Commission monthly meeting.

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Harvest shaping up as a good year for local Farmers in 2010

The harvest for 2010 is shaping up to be a very good one for area farmers. According to Oliver County Extension Agent Rick Schmidt, rainfall was more than adequate, the temperatures weren’t scorching and the hail stayed away from most parts of the county.

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City Council tackles preliminary budget

The Center City Council approved the city’s general preliminary budget along with the park board and the golf course’s budgets.

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Same club with a new, improved look

Normally the scene at the Center Golden Age Club on Main Street is of people playing cards, putting together puzzles and having a pleasant lunch. As of Aug. 16 though, that scene has moved temporarily to the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center because the club building is undergoing a long needed renovation.

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New teacher begins work at Center-Stanton High School

“For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. I’ve always enjoyed working with kids,” said Nolyn Konschak, who was hired this summer as the business education instructor at the Center-Stanton High School.

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Grocery expansion inspired by community need

Some business decisions are made for the bottom line and some decisions are made for the heart.

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