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School board reorganizes chairman

The Center-Stanton School Board will be led by a new chairman for the 2010-2011 school term. Nathan Henke was elected unanimously by fellow board members Todd Buchmann, Cindy Berger and outgoing Chairman Rick Schmidt to fill the position.

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State auditors meet at Center

Center was the gathering place for 37 of the state’s 53 county auditors as the group gathered for the annual North Dakota County Auditors Convention July 14-15 at the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center in Center.

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Residential property values to see increase

Residential property values in the city of Center and Oliver County have been running 8 percent lower than the minimum now required by the North Dakota Tax Department.

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How to light up the sky on the Fourth of July

Gone are the days of holding a glowing punk to the end of a fuse, then excitedly fleeing to a safe distance as a lone firework rockets into the sky. Or they’re gone for Stewart Merritt, Center, at least.

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Community Club honors deserving citizens

In the city of Center and Oliver County reside many good people who volunteer themselves and their time. These are people who go that extra mile to see that the community they care so much about continues to thrive and provide its citizens with the things that make life enjoyable.

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Not waiting around for a cure to appear

According to the American Cancer Society, one in five women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. The well-known statistic was just another useless fact for members of the Brown family until one of their own was affected.

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Groundbreaking held for wind energy

Editor’s note: The following includes information from a Minnesota Power news release. It’s wind that ruined the day – and it will be wind that will save the day.

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Can you hear me right now?

Straining in the back, ears sticking out as wide as they possibly can go is not something a person enjoys doing. Yet scores of people sometimes had to perform this act in order to hear clearly at the Betty Hagel Memorial Center.

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Schaff earns 3-peat derby title

The 2010 demolition derby during Old Settlers Days in Center almost didn’t happen.

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Must have been love at first sight

When it comes to having ties to early day homesteaders, Tony and Sis Friesz have it solidly on all four sides of their heritage.

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