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Making a home away from home

It’s almost spring, and camper owners are getting the itch to hook up the old fifth-wheel and head for an RV park.

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Sudden blizzard strands motorists overnight

A winter storm watch turned quickly into a blizzard last Friday, stranding dozens of motorists on Oliver County highways and roadways.

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Condemned property demolished

The condemned structure on the Rick Gorley property has been demolished, ending a long struggle to bring the property up to city code.

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Road overtime hours not pleasing everyone

While Oliver County Commissioners have heard numerous compliments on improved countryside snow removal this winter, it appears that at least one county road employee isn’t happy with the new schedule.

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Plans afloat for school, civic center water problem

Not content to wait until the spring thaw, Center-Stanton Public School Superintendent Curt Pierce and Center Director of Municipal Services Janell Peterson are already planning for the onrush of excess ground water that collects on the north side of the Center-Stanton School during spring thaw.

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Center-Stanton school mid-year finances not far off track

The Center-Stanton School Board addressed several issues at the Feb. 15 monthly meeting. Superintendent of Schools Curt Pierce prepared and presented a three-year revenue/expense comparison.

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Valentines recall a marriage built on abundance of love, faith

People often talk about love at first sight. You know, that one moment in time that brings a feeling or romantic attraction for a stranger on the first sight of them. But how many people can really say they have experienced such a feeling? How many can say it lasted a lifetime and more.

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County communications radio tower in rough shape at Center location

The elements of weather take a toll not only on people, but on buildings, as proven by a recent inspection of the 35-plus-year-old building that houses county emergency communication tower equipment.

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Angel Air Care Service makes stop in Center

Angels are indeed among us – and they can fly from Bismarck to Center in less than 30 minutes.

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Demolition of Gorley property a done deal

Months in coming, demolition of the house owned by Rick Gorley on Oliver Avenue will proceed. Center City Council members unanimously agreed to a motion to go ahead with the demolition at the meeting Feb. 7 after consulting with Center city attorney John Mahoney.

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