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City Council addresses HVAC issues

While people in one room of the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center reach for their coats to ward off the chill, windows are open in another to lower what feels like a tropical heat wave.

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Power pole siting controversy dominates commission agenda

The controversial siting of five transmission line structures in the road ditch south of 23rd Street SW west of ND 25 and across from the Yucca Cemetery, once again dominated an Oliver County Commission agenda, this time at the commission’s end-of-year meeting Dec. 29, 2015.

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Miss North Dakota brings ‘Beyond the B Word’ to Center-Stanton schools

From the way Miss North Dakota Delanie Wiedrich connects with her audiences and the fluid and powerful delivery of her message, it appears she was destined to become pageant royalty and carry her “Beyond the B Word” anti-bullying presentations to kindergarten through 12th grade students throughout the state.

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NextEra proposing new wind energy project

County Commissioners were called to a special meeting Dec. 22 to hear about a proposed wind energy project that, if approved, will extend into Oliver County.

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4-H takes aim at new shooting sports program

Safety first.

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Liquor licenses approved at special council meeting

The Center City Council met Dec. 15 to review and vote on approval of liquor license applications. Each on-sale, off-sale, and beer-and-wine application was considered separately, with payment of fees required at the time of application.

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Board discusses calendar for 2016-2017 school year

One of the hottest topics for school boards -- especially since the 2014 proposed legislation to start school after Labor Day -- is the school calendar.

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Post Office alley way traffic safety brought to council’s attention

Ongoing confusion as to parking and direction of travel, as well as blocking of the alley north of the Post Office, led U.S. Postal Service Employee Larry Erhardt and former Center Post Office Officer in Charge Sally Jons to appear before the city council at its December regular meeting.

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LEPC is preparing for the worst

A truck hauling anhydrous ammonia crashes into a school bus at the intersection of state highways 25 and 48, at the south edge of town.

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BNI Coal brings new venture to commission

While removing the over-layer in the new mining area, BNI Coal recently discovered a significant quantity of silica-based sandstone with a hardness suitable for use as rip rap and road material, as well as other possible uses.

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