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LEPC is preparing for the worst

A truck hauling anhydrous ammonia crashes into a school bus at the intersection of state highways 25 and 48, at the south edge of town.

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BNI Coal brings new venture to commission

While removing the over-layer in the new mining area, BNI Coal recently discovered a significant quantity of silica-based sandstone with a hardness suitable for use as rip rap and road material, as well as other possible uses.

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OSCD honors five for conservation practices

On the eve of World Soil Day, the Oliver Soil Conservation District very appropriately ended the International Year of Soils by honoring the efforts of local conservationists at its annual awards banquet.

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Ag Ed students ‘dressing up the dog’ in food challenge

In a combination between cooking challenge TV show Top Chef and the real-world challenges of creating menu items that appeal to consumers’ taste buds, sophomore level agriculture education students spent Tuesday’s class period preparing for the upcoming judges’ scrutiny of their creations.

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Hiring woes continue to plague CSPS school board

The custodial position for Center-Stanton Public School District is like a bad penny – it just keeps returning to the school board agenda.

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Council working to tie up loose ends on Ulteig billing

Council opposes new EPA rule

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Keeping the lights on with North Dakota coal

Public meeting on EPA Clean Power Plan draws masses

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Public meetings seek comments for state’s plan to comply with EPA rule

Coal mining and coal-fired power generation are big contributors to quality of life in Oliver County, in terms of both employment and the economy.

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Four veterans, one common thread

Four different men, four different experiences, one thing in common: they firmly believe everyone should take time to recognize our military members, past and present, each Veterans Day.

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Rekindling a bond with military brothers

Melt Olin recently rediscovered the bond he formed with his shipmates on the USS Decatur, DDG-31, when he and his wife, Sandy, traveled to Branson, Mo., for their first annual Decatur reunion.

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