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Sectional sweep at Dickinson leaves standings up in the air for Washburn

Kip Erickson has had the same monologue all season long: throwing strikes and playing low-error defense is the way Washburn is going to remain competitive in American Legion baseball. Monday afternoon, the head coach saw the evidence of the wisdom in his words.

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Calling upon their fighting spirit

Most sports fans think American Legion baseball games can only have two outcomes: A winner and a loser. But Washburn head coach Kip Erickson knows that’s just on paper. In reality baseball games have a contender and an enabler – and the two are not always synonymous with the win/lose records.

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A tale of 2 unlike teams

One team to take the American Legion field for coach Kip Erickson this week, hit the blazes out of the ball to leave the field with four impressive wins to move into the runner-up spot in the Section 8 standings. The other team that took the field struggled to string hits together, had errors in the field and walked way too many batters.

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Legion baseball continues with a hearty schedule set at 5-1

Baseball is a daily game. Each inning can change, every pitch could be different than the last. But Washburn American Legion head coach Kip Erickson likes what he has seen out of his players so far.

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Cardinals cash in a pair of wins to open legion season

After a disappointing end to the high school spring baseball season, head coach Kip Erickson is once again smiling after his legion’s team first week of action. Washburn, including players from Wilton and Center-Stanton, claimed two commanding victories last Thursday as they made the extensive trip to Bowman County.

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2 out-of-hand innings doom Cardinals

After a tough loss to Central Prairie May 18, the Washburn-Wilton-Center-Stanton co-op entered the field re-energized last Tuesday to take on Kidder County in a loser-out battle to stay alive in Region 8. After jumping to a 4-0 lead in the second inning, the Cardinal pitching staff allowed a few small glitches that snowballed into the final 15-4 loss after five innings to end the season. WWCS finished 13-9 overall in a season that has been hard on baseball teams across the state.

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Disappointing end but an enthusiastic future

Coach Duane Schmidt has noticed a strange phenomenon out of his golf team this year: Center-Stanton golfers report better scores the worse the weather conditions ravage around them. He’s not sure if it is determination or sheer coincidence. But as Region 5 golfers converged on Dickinson’s course Monday, Schmidt’s team saw the best weather of any meet all season and some of their worse scores.

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Wildcats hit regionals this weekend

They have been training … They have been throwing … They have been running … They have been jumping … Now the Center-Stanton track and field team is going to put it all on the line this weekend for the regional meet Saturday at the Bismarck Bowl. Head coach Jamie Entzi knows it’s what they have been working for all season.

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Each week a new adventure for Center-Stanton boys track

Each track and field faculty has it’s own quirks, certain terrain that either helps or hurts a team scrapping for precious points. After figuring out all the trouble spots of the Hazen location these past couple weeks, the Center-Stanton boys track team decided to venture to new lands.

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WWCS Cardinals cleans house in a 5 win week

When the three schools of Washburn, Wilton and Center-Stanton team up on the baseball field, they are said to be unstoppable.

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