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Tournament misfourtunes cause elimination of Wildcats

“Anything can happen at tournament time.” It’s an old cliche that still holds some truth as nobody could have scripted the District 9 Tournament last week in Mandan. The fifth seed team ended up playing for the championship. The first place seed, which went undefeated in the regular season district schedule, was forced to fight for its life.

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Wildcats attack from the inside out

The Center-Stanton boys basketball game plan is pretty consistent: win the battle 6 feet and in. The Wildcats have found success following that model this season.

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Wildcats eliminated final night of tournament

No matter what happens after 32 minutes on the court, Michael Bergstrom always has the two same words to describe his team – hard working. The head coach of the Center-Stanton girls basketball team hasn’t had the highest ranked team this season, but he admits his team has the most heart.

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Minor mental breakdown allows Warriors win

If anyone wants to question the level of competition in District 9, they only need to look at the battle raging for the seeds in the boys basketball district tournament. Last week New Salem clinched the regular-season championship but even their coach Rick Sturn acknowledged that any one of the top five teams in the race could come away with the wins when it counts.

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Jung: a man with a plan

During the action, Center-Stanton head coach Scott Jung keeps his statisticians busy. But after the final buzzer and talk in the locker room is finished, the first thing the Wildcat’s three-year coach looks at is the rebounding statistics.

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Wildcats finish 4th in tournament’s 4th year

Wendlin Berger’s best game as a Center-Stanton guard came at the right time for the Wildcats.

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Persistence pays heavily in Wildcats comeback victory

For Center-Stanton New Year’s has its own tradition, a big match up against even bigger Beulah. When the two non-conference teams match up at the beginning of each new calendar year, no one leaves the gym without a fast heart rate.

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Out of his brothers’ shadow

He’s pictured the moment a thousand times in his head during pregame preparations.

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Sharp 3rd quarter pulls C-S Wildcats over Hazen

Some wins are sweeter than others. With the storied past of teams that come out of the Center-Stanton and Hazen programs, the two town’s proximity creates a natural rivalry. So the Wildcats took no small satisfaction in rallying from a four-point halftime deficit to win 67-62 in Hazen.

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Boys pick up where they left off

It’s been nine months since the Center-Stanton boys basketball team waved their Wildcat colors on the hardwood. Although a different combination of players opened the 2009-10 season last Friday, a few remnants of last year’s squad still remained.

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