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County Commission receives courthouse expansion update

The Stanton courthouse is gearing up for an expansion; however, a few hiccups have already blipped up on the radar.

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Local events brought the community out and about

Residents of Hazen have been kept busy over this last week with several events, opportunities to enjoy fun, food, and friends, as well as benefit important causes in the community and on a larger scale.

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5-phase road through Coyote Creek approved

The Mercer County Commission ended up divided over whether to allow the petition of road closure submitted by North American Coal, Coyote Creek Mine.

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School board donation nearly completes piano fundraiser

Excitement is growing within the Hazen Concert Series and the Hazen School District musical programs as a new addition to the community’s musical entertainment comes close to realization.

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Resident takes proactive response to cancer screening

Many times, for many people, taking action to deal with medical issues happens only once medical issues surface.

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Stanton native returns to open restaurant

Sometimes, traveling can provide people with new perspectives and ideas they would not have achieved apart from their trips

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Payments for 2015 surge project addressed

Once again, Ulteig Engineering approached the city with a pay request for services provided during the 2015 city surge project.

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Large turnout gathers for annual Jazz Night

Expectations for a great show filled the Hazen community as the school district celebrated 20 years of musical talent and community involvement.

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Commission again rejects proposal

For the third time in a row, representatives from Coyote Creek presented a series of possible solutions to deal with issues arising from the company’s plan to close an access road through their proposed mine.

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Guest speakers to give special presentations at Hazen library

Three popular historical books giving insight into North Dakota (including the area around Hazen) are now available at the Hazen Public Library.

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