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Watching the rain, reporting the snow

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Sheriff addresses county presence at protest site

As our state enters a new year, some of the issues and controversies of the previous year must continue to be addressed.

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Second local pageant a success

As the new year begins, several young women from around the area found themselves with new crowns, new sashes, and new resources for their futures.

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Emergency planners finalize 2017 training exercises

Over the last several months, members of the Mercer County Local Emergency Planning Committee discussed how best to approach exercises and training for the upcoming year

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Update given on expansion project budget

Work continues on the new courthouse and jail expansion in the midst of crazy winter weather.

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Commission debates social media use

Tensions continue to rise within the county commission.

Posted 12/28/16 (Wed) read more »

A city in a house

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Public meeting discusses child care future in Hazen

As the date approaches for the expected opening of the New Bethel Child Care Center in Hazen, leaders of the project spoke with the public about the facility’s current status and future prospects.

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Mercer County commission reorganizes after election

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Corps rejects proposal

In the latest of a never-ending series of blows which the Mercer County Water Resource Board has faced concerning flooding issues at Lake Shore Estates.

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