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New eatery opens in Hazen

After months of behind-the-scenes work from many community organizations, and after months of anticipation and excitement for the community’s residents, a new restaurant has opened its doors for business in Hazen.

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Safety concerns at county courthouse

Recently, there have been reports of unauthorized people walking into the construction zone of the county courthouse and jail expansion site.

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Child care facility planned for Hazen

Again and again, surveys and discussions in town have pointed to the need for child care service as Mercer County’s top priority for drawing in and retaining young families and new workers

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CANDISC riders continue journey through Hazen

Scenic drives can be fun, but why not find ways to be out in those scenic locations you are traveling through?

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Local resident demonstrates blacksmith skills

We all have hobbies, interests that we enjoy. But when we develop regular habits of engaging with those interests, our hobbies can also become our area of expertise.

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Bike riders coming to Hazen this weekend

More than 200 bicyclists will begin a long trek around western North Dakota this weekend. Their first stop will be Hazen.

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High school exterior to be redone

Although much of the latest school board meeting was dedicated to discussing the questions of budgets and policies, Superintendent Ken Miller also set the stage for work on the exterior of the high school.

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School board approves budget for next fiscal year

As the summer winds on, budgets are once again a source of continuing discussion at all levels of city and county government.

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Hazen Meats, Inc., welcomes new owners

Over the last 16 years, Randy and Pam Meissner have been providing a wide assortment of meat products to Hazen residents.

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Kansas bikers visit scenic area Lewis and Clark sites

Two adventurers from Kansas are fulfilling a dream to bike across the United States from coast to coast. Along the way through North Dakota, they stopped by Hazen, Stanton, and Washburn to tour local sites related to Native Americans and the journeys of the Corps of Discovery.

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