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School board approves budget for next fiscal year

As the summer winds on, budgets are once again a source of continuing discussion at all levels of city and county government.

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Hazen Meats, Inc., welcomes new owners

Over the last 16 years, Randy and Pam Meissner have been providing a wide assortment of meat products to Hazen residents.

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Kansas bikers visit scenic area Lewis and Clark sites

Two adventurers from Kansas are fulfilling a dream to bike across the United States from coast to coast. Along the way through North Dakota, they stopped by Hazen, Stanton, and Washburn to tour local sites related to Native Americans and the journeys of the Corps of Discovery.

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Great River Energy announces Stanton Station closure in 2017

With coal energy at the heart of economic and local government life in Mercer County, the ramifications of the coming retirement of Stanton Station will have large impacts throughout the area.

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Commission discusses section road closures

When section lines cross through properties, there are ways for property owners to request the vacating of segments of the line.

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Motor coach members gather at Hazen Bay

Roughly 50 members of a motor coach organization, as well as extended family members, gathered at Hazen Bay this weekend to enjoy what the Lake Sakakawea area has to offer.

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Winds rip upper roof off Hazen cafè

Vicious winds descended on Mercer County accompanying a large storm Sunday night, leaving swaths of damage to trees and houses.

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Heins family to move back to Stanton home

Although Jeremy and Diana Heins are planning to return to the location of their home, they are not sure yet whether they will be returning to the existing home after extensive repairs to to a new home on the site.

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Ambulance board holds in-depth budget discussion

Over the course of the last year, the Mercer County Ambulance Board has attempted to smooth over changes in various parts of the service since the resignation of the former manager.

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Commissioners fill positions

Although the process of appointing people to fill certain non-elected county positions was relatively routine and simple, it highlighted the disagreements between the county commission and certain department heads.

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