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Dirt work beginning for new hospital

After months of planning and proposals, the first phase of work for the new hospital in Hazen is underway.

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Funding an issue as county discusses 2016 budget

As budget season looms for the county and its departments, funding for several projects must be carefully considered by the county commission.

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Mercer County Ambulance members recognized

Hazen heroes were recognized with a life saving award nomination.

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Hazen holds sendoff for Delanie Wiedrich

As the Miss America Pageant draws nearer, the community of Hazen will have the opportunity to see their hometown Miss North Dakota off.

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City meeting hinges on controversial issues

Controversy and debate defined the Hazen City meeting on August 17 as several long-standing issues came to the forefront of public discussion.

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Living the life of a U.S. Senate intern:

Molly Johnson describes her experience

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Reunion in Hazen for German biker

Sometimes, the events that happened years ago can suddenly impact our lives today.

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Mercer County Ambulance still working on finances

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City addresses surge project timetable

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Proposed location for bus barn causes concern

There is concern among some Hazen residents about the proposed location for a bus barn on the site of the Heritage Park.

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